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July 24, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Path To Freedom: A Fan Fiction Part Four

We plummeted down towards the half-melted ruins of the Ice King’s palace, and most of us jumped ship, only to be splattered by the impact force.  Meanwhile, the Ice King himself, riding the Flying Icapede, rounded a skyscraper and headed back towards the rapidly falling flagship.  He blasted giant icicles at us, and a lot of them didn’t miss.  One player tried to hit him, only to get impaled by a flying shard of ice.  As soon as the ice touched him, he exploded into blue light.  We were losing people fast, and we also needed to get back in the air before we all drowned.  That’s when I got a risky, crazy idea.

First, I grabbed a fairly sized icicle and wrapped some rope around it.  Then, I tied the rope tightly around the icicle and aimed it at the Flying Icapede’s thorax.  Then, I hurled it as hard as I could.  Luckily, it hit.  The Icapede struggled for a moment, but kept going.  We were slowly being pulled to safety by the enemy’s own cavalry.  Unfortunately, the Flying Icapede tired easily, and he suddenly shattered into tiny pieces.  And we fell again, this time actually hitting the water.  The Ice King somehow got trapped under us, however, and his impact on the water created a thick sheet of ice that held us like a ship in a bottle.  After Grim’s Near-Death Rescue Service towed us away to the beach, we looked for the Ice King.  He was never found.

That was when we discovered a bomb.  It was full of Fusion Matter.  When it went off, it would create a toxic ooze battlefield, perfect for us to engage Fuse with.  Unfortunately, the army was a few hundred players short now.  Some had been drowned in the first icicle incident, some had splattered while jumping ship, and others had been impaled by the second icicle attack.  We needed forces.  That’s when I remembered Billy Upgrade.

Billy Upgrade was our underground expert.  You ever wonder how we manage to keep up this army?  We couldn’t without Billy Upgrade.  You see, the Urban Rangers Elite set up rewards for the capture and arrest of individuals and groups of people who aren’t to good.  Billy Upgrade has a legal license to deal with the underground, what we call things like wheeler-dealing, player rebellions and soda speaksies (I don’t really get the last one, the ban went up years ago).  Billy Upgrade ALSO could get us into things like the Monkey Minion Trade System, a group of death-wishing Monkey Minions who had gone into Plumber weapon selling, which was illegal unless the user was either a Plumber or had a visa from a Plumber.  Neither the former or the latter had made a deal with them.  But Billy Upgrade disguised himself as a buyer wishing to purchase large amounts of Null Void Projectors, so large that they had to ship them out directly from their base underneath Hero Square, Sector V in BROAD DAYLIGHT.  Oops.  We had already called the Urban Rangers Elite before they exited the tunnels.  That meant 20000 Taros, the biggest reward we had gotten yet.  Recently, there had been some rumors about an undergound cloning system, and if we could clone a soldier, we could clone a few armies of them.

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