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July 27, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

How To Survive School: Big Tests

Tests.  The bane of a student’s existence, and, well, a pass to getting a good grade.  But tests don’t have to stress you out.  In fact, they SHOULDN’T.  And if they do, here are some tips on how to survive them:

  • You don’t need to be a geek or a nerd to ace a test.  All it really takes is a basic knowledge of the subject at hand, as well as a good amount of studying.  Anyone can ace a test, including you!
  • When it comes to studying, know that if you keep at it, you can do a great job!  And if you don’t think you can get through that last deck of flash cards, review what you already did.  It can help you finish the job.
  • On test day, get a good night sleep, have a filling breakfast and come to school on time.  Preparation is a big part of that challenging exam.
  • And never, under any circumstances, use that dreaded loophole-CHEATING! If you do, the teacher will somehow find out, and then you’ll get in trouble for sure.

Neatness and handwriting count on a test, as well as spelling, most of the time.  If the teacher can’t read it, she can’t grade it very well.  On most tests, teachers encourage you to show your work.  That means solving the problem on the test paper, so the teachers can see what you did to either get it right-or get it wrong.  Sometimes, like on standardized tests like the PSSAs, you’re not allowed to do that.  Instead, the teacher passes out extra paper for you to use.


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