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July 28, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Unnatural History: Six Is A Charm

Unnatural History has just aired it’s sixth episode.  You may not know that it now shows new episodes on Tuesday nights, but at the exact same time.  Anyway, here are the new episode plots:

  1. The Heart Of The Warrior: A group of Japanese people visit the school and museum for a traveling samurai exhibit, as well as a martial arts demonstration.  Suddenly, Henry, Jasper and Maggie find themselves caught up in what seems to be samurai ghosts and fabrications of artifacts.  But can they stop a possible Yakuza plot?
  2. Fountain Of Truth: Henry’s godfather’s will is read, and Henry gets-what else?-a mystery involving plants, protein bars, water and the secret to the basketball team’s recent and unnatural success.
  3. Public School Enemies: In the most recent episode, two sworn enemies from the 20th century are rediscovered, and this time it could uncover a ton of “moolah”.  Also, Jasper goes Pinkerton to stop a trio of thieves and vandals known as the Locker Stalkers.

Next time, danger is everywhere with cobras, zombies and a foot-bomb.  However, I have no idea what it’s called.  Check out Unnatural History!

It’s Awesome!


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