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July 30, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe: Tarah’s Technology Part One

Ah, just another day in the Educational Universe.  I had decided to go with Tarah’s plan of finding another Sesame Street kid, named Jason.  Now it was up to me to find Jason and finish business.  The only problem?  I had no idea where to start.  I had searched everywhere from Alphabet Space to Zither Jungle, and in between, too.  Jason was nowhere to be found.  Then, one day, on the Dinosaur Train, I got a lead.

I was having tea with Laura Giganotosaurus in the Observation Car.  Laura had just gone outside at Minmi Mountain for some fresh air.  Suddenly, I was approached by a small guy in a jet-black cloak.  He was about a head shorter than I was, but seemed to be a lot more menacing.  For one thing, he had clutched a wooden staff with a blue crystal on one end, like an evil sorcerer.  I doubted he could just say “Ala peanut butter sandwiches!” and turn me into a pineapple, but I was still scared.  “Hey, buddy,” he said in a voice that sounded almost like mine.  “You looking for a guy named Jason?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.”  He looked puzzled for a second, even though I couldn’t see anything of him except some small high-top sneakers… wait, high-top sneakers?  “Who are you, anyway?” I asked him.  “A simple rule for finding things-they’re probably staring you right in the face.” he replied.  Then, he whipped his cape around, and vanished.  It took me a moment to comprehend what he had meant.  Then it struck me like a Mega Mountain roller coaster.  “Hold it, Jason!” I harshly whispered.  But he didn’t reappear.  Just then, Laura came back.  I didn’t tell her what I had seen.  She would think I was crazy.  In fact, I thought I was crazy, myself.

There was only one way he could vanish.  Magic was a rare thing in the Educational Universe, especially for young boys.  Luckily, there was an alternative.  I headed to Technological Towers, where great scientists like Nucleus Von Fission and Nobel Price studied and designed inventions that revolutionized Educational Universe society.  Take, for instance, the Six Dollar Man.  He used to be a broken mess of things that added up to six dollars in costs.  Now, they’re the hottest personal robots around.  Foot-Snuggies, the greatest thing since Toxic Orange’s hit single, “Ichi Ni San”.  Great stuff, great stuff.  But back to the story.  I decided to meet up with Cantither, an ex-Zither Minstrel.  But that’s another story.

He was eight feet tall, with a head like that of a Pteranodon, and a humanoid body.  He had dark blue and purple skin, and three eyes.  He was draped in thick red and green robes, and spoke in a voice like a lion’s snarl.  “Well,” he said.  “There is only one logical way for a sorcerer to go missing under nom-magical circumstances.  That is the Wheelchair-Assister.  The only wheelchair that doubles as a super-powered bionic weapon.  It has helicopter rotors, a bubble shield, a giant boxing glove, and-”  He paused for dramatic effect.  “A teleportation device.  And the only person who has this in her possession is that missing girl-Tarah.”

Teleportation via a wheelchair that only Tarah had, Jason vanishing, it all made sense now.  And I had something I had to do.  I headed back to Tickle Me Land.  The police department, which was, naturally, run by Elmos (as well as a bear and a pig or two), was crowded with reports of everything from bully Oviraptors to Zither Minstrel discrimination.  But today there was a different kind of problem.  Sesame Street kids were vanishing left and right!  And there was only one logical explanation-Tarah’s special wheelchair.  I knew what I had to do.  The teleportation device was still in the warehouse, and I used it to enter the Anticational Universe.

I fell into some shrubbery.  I looked around to see where I was.  As it turned out, I was on a slim rock hanging over a vast volcano.  One false move, and I was going down and not coming back up.  I decided to make a swift move, and just when I thought I could get out of there alive, the rock broke.  I screamed, then was swept away in a flash of purple light.  Then everything went black.  When I came to, I was looking at dozens of kids about my age, some younger, some older.  But all of them were Sesame Street kids.  Antonio, Brian, Joey, Karin, Chris, David, Arianna, Fin, Shola, Troy, Vanessa.  The whole nine yards.  Even the more major ones, like Miles (!), were there.  Each and every one of them had pulled a vanishing act.  And I know just who.

I saw a girl with black hair, glasses, and was in a silver wheelchair.  “Tarah!” I said in disappointed surprise.  “How could you!”  She looked shocked by my accusation.  “Me?!”  she said.  “Yes, you!”  She froze.  “Okay, maybe I did teleport these kids here.  But for good reason.  Do you know how long I have been out of the show?  Not to say I didn’t have an amazing time while there, but nonetheless, do you know?  The other kids, as well!  Some of them have rarely even been named!  We all deserve a chance to be truly recognized.  So that’s why I brought us all here, for a little reunion!”  I was guilty of false accusation.  “Sorry, Tarah.”  I said.  “I guess you all do.”

That’s when I saw Jason.  He had a nice head of blondish-brown hair, and a lovely smile.  He had certainly grown since his Sesame Street days, and was now just a bit shorter than I was.  “Pleasure to meet you, Jason.” I said, welcomingly.  We solemnly shook hands, then just gave each other a hug.  Suddenly, Antonio screamed in surprise, and exploded in a flash of purple light.  The other kids started doing so, too.  Then I remembered-Bad Duck!  He was the one who had zapped Tarah to this place!  If all of the commotion at the police station counted as a distraction, then… oh, no.



We haven’t had a review in a while, so let’s check it out!  Today you saw a high-tech super wheelchair that Tarah owns.  Now, new technology is being developed and even now being used to help the disabled, such as special robots.  Of course, superhero-style wheelchairs will probably never exist, but other robots have been built to explore oceans, other planets and even stop oil spills.  Who knows what could come along soon enough?

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