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July 31, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Familia Crazia: Mystery Week Part One

(scene is backyard)

(Dad and Eli are playing whiffleball)

Dad: Isn’t this fun?

Eli: You bet!

(whiffleball turns into flying skull)

Dad And Eli: Waaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh!

(laugh track)

(theme song)

(scene is living room)

(Mom, Dad and Eli are talking)

Mom: And the whiffleball just turned into a skull?

(Dad and Eli nod frantically)

(laugh track)

Mom: And that’s when you screamed and ran inside?

(Dad and Eli nod frantically)

(laugh track)

Mom: Are you acting like idiots right now?

(Dad and Eli nod frantically)

(laugh track)

Dad: We certainly are-hey!

(laugh track)

Mom: Just wanted to hear you admit it!

(laugh track)

Eli: Seriously, here.  A whiffleball me and Dad were playing with suddenly turned into a flying skull.

Mom: And yet you say seriously.

(laugh track)

(Miles enters)

Miles: What’s happening, guys?

(Mom, Dad and Eli stare at Miles)

(laugh track)

Miles: What?

(laugh track)

(scene is Miles’s basement lab)

(family is looking over Miles’s shoulder)

Mom: What are you doing?

Dad: I’m with her.

Eli: So am I.  What are you doing?

Miles: I’m perfecting the Ecto-Grenades to capture any possible paranormal mishap.

Eli: Translation?

(laugh track)

Miles: Remember our failed ghost-hunt?

Dad: Yeah, except it wasn’t failed.

Miles: That’s not the point.  The point is that I’m re-inventing one of the gadgets we used to capture anything out of the ordinary.

Dad: Translation?

(laugh track)

Miles: And yet you married the person who gave birth to me.

(laugh track)

Miles: Just pull the pin out of one of the Ecto-Grenades if you see the flying skull again, and toss it at it.  It should effectively contain the monster.

Eli: I guess it’s time to play whiffleball.

(Mom, Dad and Eli exit)

Miles: If only they knew… heh heh heh.


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