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August 2, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe: Tarah’s Technology Part Two

Bad Duck must have escaped in all of the hullabaloo at the police station, and he’s capturing all of the Sesame Street kids!  The only two kids left were Tarah and Jason.  And they looked more panicked than I was.  “Okay, that does it!” said Jason, obviously furious.  “They mess with the horns, they get the whole Triceratops!”  Me and Tarah both agreed that this was worth looking into.  More than that, important to look into.

Tarah used her super pwered wheelchair to teleport us back to Tickle Me Land.  Unfortunately, we got the default settings-the Miterk Plains.  Worse still, the portal opened ten feet above the ground.  Tarah used her helicopter armrests to land us saftely, but we had no idea where we were.  The Miterk Plains alone were hundreds of square miles long and wide.  Plus, all sorts of strange Elmo-based creatures wandered the area.  When we landed, we immediately started moving.  Not long after, we ran into a giant Elmo dinosaur.  It was a red T-Rex, with a beak-like mouth.  We ran in the other direction, eventually making our way towards Nevkin Shlac City.  We found Warehouse 709, and entered with caution.

When we got in, the first thing we saw was a massive Elmo lion the size of four elephants put together.  It’s eyes were dark red, and it didn’t look happy.  Luckily, it was asleep.  Can you look that angry while snoozing?  That’s when I noticed that all of the Sesame Street kids were tied to it’s sofa-sized paw.  If we woke it up, those kids were going for a life-threatening joyride.

Bad Duck was in a corner, laughing wickedly.  Cliche.  Nonetheless, a three-foot tall duck in sheriff’s gear was not to be messed with.  “Hey, quackers!” I said.  “Cheese and quackers!  Ever heard the term “interrogation droid”?”  This got Bad Duck flapping mad.  Tarah and Jason told me not to do it, but I charged Bad Duck anyway.  He cackled to himself, muttering on about how I could never beat him.  “Oh, I will!” I told him.  “You, and what army?” he taunted.  “This one.”  I replied.  Then, I put my fingers between my lips and whistled so loud, I heard some Elmo birds fly off outside.  Suddenly, an Elmo pterosaur smashed through the warehouse roof and knocked Bad Duck off his feet.  He quacked a scream before hitting a tall stack of 2-D Fruitie crates.

Screeeech!  An Elmo cyclist, leather kacket and all, hit and run Bad Duck as he came screeching into the warehouse.  He quack-screamed again and the crates fell on him.  Finally, I took out my little friend-a portable Fission Ray.  It could bio-splice anything, causing an automatic Hilman-patented Nunseb Effect.  In other words, a forty-eight hour stun gun.  I walked over to the pile of crates and fired.  I moved the Fission Ray like a welder does with his blowtorch, moving it around until the entire pile of produce packaging was glowing red hot.  Then, it cooled down so much that the whole thing froze.  I called the police, and Bad Duck was arrested under the charges of kidnapping and a non-visa use of several patented inventions.

Meanwhile, we had to deal with the Elmo lion.  We had to carefully blast him again with the Mutator Ray, which reversed the effects.  Unfortunately, that only tightened the grip of the rope.  We untied the kids, and they were free to roam.  However, we gathered all of the Sesame Street kids on the steps of 123 Sesame Street for an awards ceremony.  They were reinstated Sesame Street characters, and would have unlimited access to the show’s material until or unless the show was cancelled.  Perish the thought.  Anyway, I decided to apply for a recurring job on the show.  It was accepted.  Half the reason was that I really wanted to do the show, and the other half was wanting to spend more time with my new friends.  I think we won’t be having any more problems with Bad Duck, but you never know.  In the Educational Universe, anything can happen.


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