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August 3, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe: Mega Disaster

Ah, just another ordinary day at the Mega Mountain amusement park.  With rides built off of in-show franchises, what could go wrong?  Oops.  I really shouldn’t have said that.

Me and my aardvark pal, Arthur, were just walking around the park when we heard a shriek of terror coming from the World Girl Whipperoo, a scrambler ride featuring various World Girl dolls.  One of the formerly happy guests that was formerly enjoying the ride was now somehow unbuckled from her seatbelt, and was not exactly sitting down, either.  She was just barely hanging on as the ride sped up so fast, a Roman doll looked like she should be mushing in the Antarctica car!

“We’ve got to save her!” said Arthur as he leaped up, grabbed a souvenier kite, and tossed the string over to the ride controls.  He expertly yanked and pulled until the ride had come to a complete and total stop.  She ran over to him and shrieked again with joy.  That’s when I recognized her.  It was D.W., Arthur’s little sister!  How embarassing!  While the now blushing Arthur walked off with D.W., I checked out the ride from a closer point of view.  I saw that it had been tampered with.  The speed control had been switched on to Uber High, and that meant FAST.  Someone had tried to (presumably) hurt D.W.!

Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t mind.  D.W. is kind of annoying.  But this was serious.  It could have been anyone!  What’s worse was that someone had done it deliberately!  That’s when someone screamed.  The Corythosaurus Minstrels were preforming, and a member of the audience had been hurt by someone-or something!

I sped over right away, and found that a hydraulic lift that was supposed to be used for the finale had gotten loose in the front row, and was tossing a visiting Velociraptor from side to side.  I saw a control panel in the side of the lift, and braced myself.  I grabbed ahold of the lift, and bucked from side to side like a mechanical bull.  I just managed to open the panel, and pulled out a lot of wires.  The lift stopped, and the Velociraptor was, unfortunately, thrown from the lift and tossed into a nearby fountain.  While an attendant called an ambulance, I tore apart the panel to find-a zither string.

The zither minstrels had indeed preformed here earlier, and were most likely still in the park.  Luckily, they were.  All of them had zithers, but only one had a Red-Stringed Zincon Zither.  And that was the culprit in both attempted cases of sabotage.  ABCD Blue was on the scene within the hour, and Lipither Zitha was arrested under the charges of attempted murder and overall disturbing the peace.  All in a day’s work for the Educational Universe.


An amusement park has a lot more than just fun and games.  A lot of science goes into building the rides.  Roller coasters, for example, go so fast because of momentum.  Momentum is what keeps things going.  Here’s an example: a wagon with no one in it rolls down a hill.  It gains speed as it goes down the hill because of momentum.  Another example of momentum is an experiment designed by Sir Issac Newton.  It basically involves a series of small balls tied to a wood plank, so they dangle there, side by side.  Then, making sure they’re lined up properly, you take one of the end balls and lift it up.  Then, you drop it.  The momentum actually travels through the other balls to the other end, making the end ball move, also.  Cool huh?


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