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August 5, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe Travels: Zither Jungle

The following blog miniseries documents my travels throughout the lesser known parts of the Educational Universe.  To begin, we shall explore the Zither Jungle.  Enjoy!

Ah, the Zither Jungle.  Some say it is one of the strangest places in all of the Educational Universe.  I, for one, agree.  What makes it strange, you may be asking yourself?  Well, when it comes to flora (in other words, plants), zithers dominate.  Trees, instead of leaves, have green zithers.  Flowers are big stems with an even bigger zither petals.  To get an idea of it, here’s a basic guidebook to some of the many zither-based plants in the Zither Jungle:

  • Red-Stringed Zincon Zither-One of the easiest zither plants to spot.  The Red-Stringed Zincon Zither is a dark red vine with various average-sized red zithers dotting it.
  • Whalpin Green-A tiny green zither that only blooms for one day, and then wilts.  The day it blooms is completely random, and it acts as a primary food for native zither minstrels.
  • Zitha Freshant-An absolutely massive multicolored zither, on it’s own.  Zitha Freshants are also extremely rare, and bloom only once every century.
  • Lipivon Wintvint-The smallest zither plant known.  Each one is only half a centimeter wide, with a stem an inch tall.  It comes in many colors, but it is most often found in blue or purple.  The zither minstrels have evolved to blend in with most of the plants, hence their blue and purple skin.

The Zither Jungle is made up of these and dozens more plants.  It is also the thickest jungle known to any dimension.  The dominant species are Zithococcus Zuthotherium, more commonly known as zither minstrels.  They have Pteranodon-like heads, with three eyes and purple and blue skin.  They often wear brightly colored robes, ranging from flashing red to dark green.  There are, however, several other species of non-sentient animals in the Zither Jungle.

Zither minstrels call the Zither Jungle home, but they often travel across the Educational Universe, spreading their zither-full magic.  All in all, the Zither Jungle is a grand place for any explorer, biologist, botanist, or pretty much anything else.  Next time: we visit the strange and amazing world of Alphabet Space.

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