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August 13, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe Travels: Dindong Country

Dindong Country is less populated than most of the Educational Universe, but has many different species of non-sentient fauna, as well as magnificent flora.  Dindong Country also has a variety of different landscapes, ranging from tall mountains to dense jungle.  To give you a idea of how lush Dindong Country is, take a look at this field guide to fauna.


  • Whipthian Ultabird-This massive bird resembles a dark green toucan, but with a deadly stinger atop it’s forehead.  The stinger, when it connects with animal flesh, releases a toxin that is fatal withing forty-eight hours.
  • Cicitak-A cat-like animal with six legs, ten eyes and a tail longer than a human being.  They are favored by the few colonists of Dindong Country as household pets.
  • Lepafit-One of the largest creatures inhabiting Dindong Country, Lepafits can grow to be as long as the Dinosaur Train.  Not much is known about what they look like, but some say they resemble winged serpents, with alligator legs and a shark-like mouth.
  • Tintintha-A small dragon-like creature with metallic skin ranging in colors from bright gold to matte black.  They travel in huge swarms, some overwhelming entire colonies!
  • Twowa-Extremely rare, Twowas can only be seen on either the winter solstice or the summer solstice.  They have humanoid bodies that are nineteen feet tall, two heads, each one like that of a bobcat, and eight spider legs.  They lack arms, but have a tail not unlike that of a scorpion, with a worse toxin than a Whipthian Ultabird.
  • Quelquel-As big as elephants, but bearing more resemblance to a rhino, Quelquels complete the food chain in Dindong Country.  They live simple lives in herds of up to nine dozen, which always stick together.

As you can see, the various creatures native to Dindong Country are fascinating, and should be further studied as neccessary.  Most of these creatures dwell in the thick jungles, but Tintinthas are also common around mountain peaks, and Twowas are known predators on Quelquels, both of which are more native to grasslands rather than rainforests or mountains.

While non-sentient animals thrive here, few humans have ever dared step foot within the borders.  Those who do normally have at least one warlock among them, to protect against stampedes and pack hunters.  Colonies are more often found on grasslands, rather than dangerous jungles or difficult-to-colonize mountains.  However, settlements are constantly at risk, and humans soon may be extinct in Dindong Country.  Dindong Country, along with the neighboring farmlands of Ixmit, is being politically debated as to whether or not to count it as part of the Educational Universe.  So long for now, and next time we visit the peaceful lands of Ixmit!


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