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August 17, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe Travels: Liberica Island

Despite it’s name, Liberica Island is more commonly referred to as a continent.  It is where the Educational Universe is located, as well as many other lands and countries.  Most of it’s inhabitants are human, but all sorts of races live on it, too.  The most common non-human sentient races are dinosaurs and Zither Minstrels.  The Educational Universe may take up most of the continent, but smaller places have been explored and named, such as:

  • The Scarlet Lands-This country is rather small, and it’s inahbitants are often associated with scarlet.  The capital is, of course, the Scarlet City, which is more like a large village painted scarlet.
  • Florica-The land of Florica is the most lush place on all of Liberica island.  The capital actually spans across the entire land.  There is only one giant marble townhouse for the people to live in, for most of it is multicolored garden, with everything from apple trees to birda trees.
  • The Hypnotic Sands-A terrifying desert where the sun never shines.  Wild bands of Hypnotic Warlocks roam the landscape.  Hypnotic Warlocks can hypnotize you with a single stare.
  • Glascaland-A delicate green plain made of pure, but weak, crystal.  All of the people are made of the same crystal, but of many different colors.  With a single touch by anybody from the outside world, they briefly shatter, and then come back together again.
  • Notrome-A country of thick orchards, with living trees and gem-encrusted statue people.  It is also the capital of the Underground Kingdoms, a subterranean land filled with intelligent gargoyles.
  • Porcupine Lands-A small country of dead pine trees, razor-sharp mountains and bipedal porcupine-like scholars.

Surrounding Liberica Island is the Liberican Sea.  It is covered in a thin veil of fog that hangs just above the surface of the water.  No one knows exactly how deep the sea floor is, but it is home to magnificent merfolk kingdoms, and is often terrorized by what were once known as serpent monsters by the merfolk, but are instead merely prehistoric sea creatures such as plesiosaurs.

Although Liberica Island is the world’s main continent, most philosophers agree that the world cannot consist only of Liberica Island.  Some ship fleets have already been chartered and have set out, but none have returned with news of new lands.  Until then, we can only imagine what lies beyond.

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