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August 21, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Sesame Celebration: Down To The Classics

Some of the most famous Sesame Street scenes are some of the oldest.  Take, for instance, the Ladybug’s Picnic:

One, two, three,

Four, five, six,

Seven, eight, nine,

Ten, eleven, twelve,

And they chatted away,

At the Ladybug’s Picnic

Ernie and Bert are the duo that never get old.  Who can forget Banana In My Ear?  Bert is trying to tell Ernie that there’s a banana in his ear, and Ernie can’t hear him, because, he says, he has a banana in his ear!  That’s either irony or just plain old funny!  All of these came from within the first ten seasons or so, making them quite old.

And it’s not just the sketches, either!  Classic moments from the street’s grand history include:

  • The premiere
  • Trips to both New Mexico and Hawaii
  • Mr. Hooper’s death
  • Maria and Luis’s wedding
  • Gabi is born
  • The devastating hurricane
  • Abby arrives

And so much more!  Plus, Season 40 and (possibly) the following seasons include references to original episodes, such as Big Bird’s suitcase having stamps from where he’s been!  Some characters have made recent apperances, like Sherlock Hemlock, and the famous-for-Muppet Show-but-rare-on-the-street guy, Mahna Mahna!  You see, Sesame Street doesn’t get to be the most famous kid’s show of all time for just one-episode plots!  If you don’t have something to look forward to, where’s the point?


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