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August 25, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Path To Freedom: A Fan Fiction Part Five

Billy Upgrade was preparing for an underground expedition, looking into the cloning process, when I came up to him.  I convinced him to let us come along.  So we set up a makeshift flagship, and set out for their base of operation-the Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends maze.

Preparation took a few days, and the bomb was set to go off in a week, so we were pressed on time, but if we were to get a few hundred soldiers fast, it was worth the cost.  First, we had to plan out our strategy.  The players and Monkey Minions involved were heavily armed, with illegal Plumber weapons and all.  Luckily, we were passing through City Station, aka Plumber: Earth High Command Headquarters, and picked up Ship, a technological wonder packed into, well, a ship!

With an air force arsenal, we had weapons taken care of.  Now, we had to get in.  Of course, we couldn’t just fly in on a Plumber-licensed ship, now, could we?  Dead giveaway we weren’t about to clone ourselves to take down our little sisters.  We had to be subtle, sneaky, even.  And what better way to do it than do it cliché?  The Urban Rangers Elite’s warrant for the cloners said that they were renegade Kids Next Door scientists.  That meant that while they had superior intellect and fair resources, but not enough to create a subterranean security system.  We could probably get in unnoticed if we dug in from underground.

Now came the raid team prep.  Only the raid team would go underground.  The team’s job was to get in, and get out with the masterminds behind the whole operation.  Once the area was cleared, we would clone a good five hundred players, and get out ourselves.  If anyone tried anything funny, we would begin Ship fire.  And that was the plan, and that’s how it went.  And now here’s the hard part-once we have a true army, how do we take Fuse down?

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