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September 3, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Unnatural History: Tons Of Awesome

Sorry I’m a little out-of-it on Unnatural History, but here’s the next few episodes:

  • The Liberian Candidate: Henry’s old friend from Liberia, Tomba, visits, along with his ambassador father.  The only problem with this reunion?  Tomba’s been brainwashed into a possible assassination attempt or two.
  • Curse Of The Rolling Stone: A supposedly cursed ruby arrives at the museum.  Now, Henry, Jasper and Maggie have to deal with falling chandeliers, gas in the DOUM Rooms, and what could be Maggie’s doom.
  • Now You See Me: This classic magician’s line goes too far when a Houdini fan vanishes during a magic show.  The case leads to maidens made of iron, a secret magical society, and a case of Mistake Of Who’s Side You’re On.  Meanwhile, Henry becomes the target of everything free when he wins tickets to U2.
  • Maximum Insecurity: On the eve of a huge test, Henry, Jasper and Maggie get trapped in the museum during a security upgrade-and a high-tech burglary that gets Jasper into hot water with an old friend.  Also, Henry and Maggie take one of the crooks hostage in an attempt to get Jasper back.
  • Thor’s Slammer: An archaeological dig at a certain Virginia island has Henry uncovering a Viking artifact-and a murder mystery.  Now, Jasper’s dad could be put behind bars, and the killer has not been found.  The only way to stop him from getting arrested is to head back to the island-and unearth a secret a few hundred meters high.

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