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September 13, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Beyond: Terrors Of Kalade

After the incident on Galvan, me and the crew were reluctant to look into strange biological transmissions coming from the Khoros planetary system.  But we did it anyway, considering that any new planet or species was of interest to us.  Unfortunately, we had absoulutely no idea what was coming.

And now a bit of inter-planetary science.  Khoros, along with several other planets and their moons, orbits around Dalascane, an extremely large red giant.  Because of the immense size of Dlascane, it also is extremely hot.  Therefore, Khoros, as well as the rest of the planetary system, is a real scorcher.  Desert climates and barren landscapes dominate the system.  And that ends our bit of inter-planetary science.

Now back to the story.  We had tracked the signals to a small moon of the planet Kalade.  After entering the atmosphere, we noticed something odd for the Khoros planetary system-vast tracts of ocean.  I’m not kidding-the place was a few big tropical islands and nothing else but crystal-clear seas.  On one of the islands was a massive steel building, most likely a factory.  We landed on a bare sandbar near the island, and used some swamp boats to get to the factory.

As we were wandering around the island’s shore, we were jumped by a small group of six-foot-tall monsters.

A Monster

We tried to fend them off with what little weapons we had brought with us, but we were led inside the factory.  Inside, holographic touch-screens and tanks of multi-colored liquids dominated the main room.  More of the monsters walked to and fro, but didn’t seem to notice us.  We were lead into a small room that seemed to resemble the Enterprise’s bridge, complete with captain’s chair.  In the chair was a half biological, half machine alien-who was quite short.

The Evil Alien

 “I am Tarkon,” he said.  “Ruler of Kalade’s largest moon, and supreme genetic overlord!  Bow to me, or pay the price!”  I suppose it was kind of a bad idea, but we chose the latter.  He pulled out a small remote control and pressed a big orange button.  The world around us shifted, and even flashed in and out of existence.  A few minutes later, we were standing in the middle of a hot, barren desert, with the occasional large thorn bush dotting the landscape.  This must have been Kalade.

Tarkon shimmered into view, backed by three lines of monsters.  He waved his hand towards the monsters, and they parted, revealing huge creatures the size of elephants.  They were like genetic tanks.

A Genetic Tank

“Behold,” said Tarkon.  “The Genetic Tanks!  Each one’s DNA is programmed with another creature’s DNA, giving it the ability to shape-shift into those creatures.  For this particular elimination, I have chosen the DNA of Kalade’s locals.  Behold, the Desert Crown!  The Genetic Tanks started to melt and shrink, each forming a monster with tusks, bent legs and three horns.

A Desert Crown

They pounced, and boy, did they go far.  I suppose their strange legs were adapted to help with that.  We drew our weapons, but then I noticed something.  While their legs were powerful, they didn’t have any arms to help balance.  I told everyone to use their weapons only to distract them and get them off balance in mid-pounce.  We managed to make one lean to one side, and it fell on it’s side.  Eventually, we managed to get them all wriggling on their sides.  Once they were all down, they melted back into the Genetic Tanks.  Tarkon’s army had been defeated.  Of course, he still had his Genetic Troopers, but they quickly backed off.  The Head Communicator had already called the Plumbers when we took off.  Looks like this guy’s expectations fell a little, well, SHORT!


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