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October 2, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Familia Crazia Season Two Ideas!

Familia Crazia could return for a second season, and if you have ideas to add to this possible episode list, please comment them in!

  1. Familia Chaplin: When the family discovers a box of priceless Charlie Chaplin film scripts, they begin to imagine what life would be like in a silent movie.
  2. The Crazias: Miles’s shrink ray shrinks Mom, Dad and Eli to the size of flies-which teaches them an important lesson about the world’s perspectives.
  3. Unlikely Alliance: When both Eli and Pam get sick of Miles’s constant usage of a high-tech telescope, they team up to create a fake alien sighting.
  4. Traps For A Dinosaur: When the family’s house is revealed to have a fossil formation directly underneath it, Miles must go against all he believes in to keep nosy paleontologists away.
  5. Spaced Out: When Miles wins a contest to go into space for a week, his inventions turn on the rest of the family, turning the house into a technological wasteland where robots rule all.
  6. High Def America: Miles challenges supreme culinary master Jakes Tercou to a live TV cooking competition, but it turns out Jakes has a few tricks up his very long sleeves.
  7. Game Over Part One: When Eli spends his money on a video game with horribly pixelated graphics, Miles imprisons him, Mom and Dad inside a virtual reality-like arena where survival is key to success.
  8. Game Over Part Two: Miles’s video game arena gets tougher, but Mom has a trick up her sleeve that could turn the tables-or end them.
  9. Ambitious Dad: Dad’s newest idea for a Halloween display is a little ambitious-and also possibly life-threatening when Miles’s Anti-TP Zombie Robots get out of hand.
  10. Uncle Blam: The mayor’s new plans for the city to become more “American” depend on two things-fake atomic bombs and making sure the atomic bombs are fake.
  11. A Crazia Christmas Part One: Christmas time is here, and Dad’s plans for Christmas decorations don’t exactly fit the Christmas spirit.
  12. A Crazia Christmas Part Two: Mom and Eli try to make the best Christmas dinner there was, is, or will be.  Unfortunately, they decide to use Miles’s new Multi-Biotechnological Porta-Oven.
  13. Cashing In: Eli needs five bucks-fast.  Miles is happy to comply-if Eli can just get into his room, which happens to be surrounded with lasers, robots and holographic puzzles.
  14. Big Unsolvable Maze: Miles creates his own game show, which involves a really big, obstacle-filled maze.  All he needs is a family to compete in the first episode.
  15. My Wife The Mistress: When Eli finally lands a date, he finds that the girl he took to a movie has a dark-and bossy-side.
  16. Family Game Night: Miles’s latest invention turns family game night into a high-stakes economical battle for control of-Atlantic Avenue?
  17. SETI On A Goal: In this downright awesome season finale, Miles joins SETI Junior, only to find that it is really a cover-up for Area 51.

Does 17 sound cheesy to you?  Comment in your opinion!  And keep an eye out for these and more in Familia Crazia: Season Two!

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