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October 8, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Sketch Wonders: Wave One

Tonight I did something that I normally would not do-draw.  I got some inspiration (it happens a lot with me) and got to work.  All I did was grab a sheet of printer paper and sharpen a pencil, but here are some sketch wonders I cooked up.

Oval Guy And Others


The main guy here is named Oval Head.  I originally thought of him as more of a talking rock, but he evolved into a strange creature that’s all face and limbs.  My Mom loves the eyes!  I drew some weird nonsense creatures in the corners.  The green one I call The Great Beezle, and the pink one’s called Pinka Bird.  I also created another, even stranger creature.



Party Ant



Party Ant is sort of a Doc Oc-Ant-Doozer hybrid, with a little Jim Henson doodle mixed in.  Note his four legs that seem to make his body hover.  His ears look kinda like skinny horns, but they were supposed to look elfish.  His horns have opposite colors for the main horns and strange spherical things.  I hope you enjoyed these sketch wonders, and I might draw more, so keep watching!


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