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October 26, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Roanoke Part One

Somewhere off the coast of Roanoke Island, 1765

Blam!  Creak!  Sploosh!  The sounds of battle echoed in ex-Admiral Bostan’s ears.  Bostan used to be a highly respected member of the Royal Navy.  Now, he was only an outcast, the captain of a pirate ship known as the Heartless.  It was a worthy name for such a feared ship.  And as another supply ship went down, Bostan began to think about how low he had sunk in five years.

Bostan didn’t just have a score to settle with the Royal Navy.  He had a score to settle with all of Britain.  Ever since he was a young boy, everyone he met had discouraged him from a life on the seas.  “Dreams don’t matter,” he muttered.  “It’s being a success that does.  And I was a success-was.”  Just then, the Heartless shook with the fury of a dozen cannonballs.

Rickety, one of Bostan’s crew members, rushed up to him and screamed over the continuous sound of cannons firing.  “The Navy’s on to us, sir!”  Bostan was taken by surprise.  One admiral gone rogue wasn’t that big a deal to the Royal Navy, but they had been known for their usage of the element of surprise.  And this was certainly a surprise.

“Fire everything, and don’t hesitate!” screamed Bostan.  He heard some muffled shots, but then silence.  An old pirate named Halfwit dashed up to Rickety and whispered something in his ear.  Then Rickety explained.  According to Halfwit, they were completely out of cannonballs.  “Oh, this is just grand!” said Bostan.  “First the Royal Navy tracks down the Heartless, then they ran out of cannonballs.  There was only one thing to do.  “RETREAT!” yelled Bostan.

A few other rogue Royal Navy sailors unfurled every sail in sight.  They even grabbed a few bandanas and tied them together.  In the meantime, Bostan grabbed bunches of parchment, stuffed them in the cannons, and lit the gunpowder.  Fiery papers flew at the Royal Navy ship, and it began to catch fire.  True, it wasn’t much, but pretty soon, the mainsail went up in flames.  The ship’s mast burned away, and chunks of scorched wood fell everywhere.  The whole ship was set ablaze, and it was claimed by the depths of the ocean.

However, the crew of the Heartless still had a lot of work to do.  Two cannons had been completely blown out, and a small hole had been burned in the sail.  In order to get back on the open seas, the Heartless had to make it’s way back to Port Thorax, located on Cockroach Island in the Caribbean Sea.  It was one of the few pirate havens beneath the East India Trading Company’s eyes.  It was also one of the meeting places of the Outcast’s Court, of which Bostan was a major member.  If they, by any chance, got there, they could get necessary supplies and restart.


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