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October 27, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Urban Jungle: Chapter Two



“Go-go-knights!  Go-go-knights!” chanted the cheerleaders as the baseball game went into extra innings.  I still was surprised that we had cheerleaders for a baseball team, anyway.  But I guess you need all the school spirit you can get.  Bored, I decided to head back into the school building.  I entered, the gym, and my imagination took over again.  This time, everything went the color of wheat.  When I came to, the gym had radically changed.  Instead of a ceiling, there was a turquoise sky with cotton candy-colored clouds.  The ground was covered with thick dirt and tall stalks of clover and sunflowers.  When I burrowed my finger into the dirt, I hit tile almost immediately.  This place was a haven, and yet it seemed so dangerous.
Just then, I was attacked from above by three very strange creatures.  Each of them looked exactly like a baseball, and yet so different.  They had the heads, wings, tails, and feet of bald eagles.  Each of them dive bombed me.  I swatted at them desperately, but the only thing I could do was jump into a patch of dandelions.  The ball eagles passed right overhead in a perfect V formation, like geese.  I scrambled out of the dandelion patch and run for it.  Evidently, there were no walls, so I dashed into a grove of big pine trees.  That’s when I heard a squawking from above.
I looked up, and saw a dazzling creature perched on a stray branch.  It looked like a cockatoo, but it’s crest was a bright blond.  From the neck down, it’s feathers were red, orange and white, forming a block pattern.  It’s face was disturbingly human, but with hard beak-like lips.  It’s wing feathers were almost like pom-poms, like that a cheerleader would carry.  It was a cheerleader bird!  Right after I realized this, the bird was snatched from it’s perch by a long tentacle.  And what was connected to that tentacle was anything but pretty.
It had a human body and head, but it’s arms and legs were thick, pink tentacles.  It’s skin glistened with seawater, and it’s spiny throat made sounds so raspy, it was clear that it was meant for the oceans.  One of it’s tentacles brought the cheerleader bird to it’s mouth, and it’s mouth expanded, revealing horrid spiny teeth that tore the beautiful bird to shreds.  However, once a single tooth touched a single feather, the cheerleader bird exploded into bits of pom-poms.  The monster choked, and it’s skin turned the color of the sky-pure turquoise.  It melted into saltwater and trickled into the woods.
I dashed away from the woods, dodged the ball eagles, and dove into a blueberry bush.  Some berry juice squirted into my eyes, and fainted from the pain.  When I came to, I just barely rolled out of the way before I was nearly trampled by two hundred happy students, carrying an eight-foot kid in a baseball uniform.  I must have been out longer than I thought.

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