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October 31, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Roanoke Part Two

As soon as the Heartless docked at Port Thorax, three representatives from the Outcast’s Court greeted Bostan and his crew, prepped with a new sail and plenty of wood planks.  They guided some of the more rum-obsessed crew members to the nearest tavern, and the rest to the hideout of the Outcast’s Court.  Bostan noticed that defenses around the docks were getting weaker.  He also noticed that a Royal Navy ship was firing it’s cannons directly at a small ship carrying the only supply of medicine in all of Port Thorax.  Being an overconfident pirate, Bostan just had to defend his own kind.  So he did the most foolish thing-charge the ship.

“Get back!” Bostan screamed to a couple of worn-out old men carrying what looked to be a treasure chest.  The lid of the chest opened a crack, and a pearl necklace slipped out.  Bostan quickly snatched it from midair.  “Don’t mind if I do.” muttered Bostan.  He dashed past the men and jumped onto the docks.  The Royal Navy ship directed their cannon fire on him, and he just managed to dodge them before the dock he was standing on a moment before became nothing but splinters.  Unfortunately, Bostan only pushed himself to the edge of the dock.  He gave a few futile flapping motions with his arms, then tumbled into the water.

He floated to the bottom of the harbor, but sped back to the surface just as fast.  He shot out of the water and landed on his feet, right where he had fallen.  He saw a captain-looking man on the Royal Navy ship in a curled wig point his finger at Bostan, and dozens of red coated soldiers jumped off of the decks.  Most of them just fell into the water, but two landed on the dock.  One of them slipped on some seawater, knocked his head on a few planks of wood, and fell into the water, unconscious.  The other produced a large musket and pulled the trigger.  However, the salty sea air jammed it.  So he drew his sword instead.  So did Bostan, and the two charged each other.

Swfit!  Swish!  Clang!  The two cutlasses clashed again and again.  Finally, Bostan slid beneath the soldier’s legs, and kicked him in the back.  There was a loud cracking sound, and the soldier fell to the ground, screaming.  Bostan tossed a piece of eight at the soldier.  It landed on the reverse side, and the soldier stopped screaming.  The piece of eight sunk into the soldier’s back, and suddenly, he vanished, leaving only the piece of eight.  “The deed is done,” said Bostan.  “Bring me your best men, but they cannot best ex-Admiral Bostan!”  That’s when fourteen Royal Navy flagships appeared on the horizon, and were closing fast.

Once the largest of the ships had docked, a single man stepped off the gangplank.  He was dressed very simply, which only made him even more intimidating.  He wore a blazer of dark blue with gold buttons, and short pants matching the blazer with stockings and saddle shoes.  He had a long, pure white wig with impossibly fine curls.  “Hello, pirate scum,” he said calmly.  “My name is Admiral Cater Terinsta.  And I just happen to be your replacement.  Oh, and by the way, you face the gallows under the charges of piracy.”


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