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November 7, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Urban Jungle: And More To Come…

Urban Jungle is this new fiction miniseries that I’m sure you’ve seen already.  Here’s a list of chapters, both now and to come!

  1. The Pecking Order: Will Disret has his first adventure, avoiding band geek stampedes, packs of bullies, and an evil vice principal dragon.
  2. The Playing Field: Will’s imagination takes him to a deceptively beautiful meadow full of baseball eagles, cheerleader birds, and a vicious tentacled bully monster.
  3. The Pirate’s Land: When Will dives into an ocean full of popular pirates, sea monsters with spectacles, and constantly shifting islands, he doesn’t know what to expect!
  4. The Drill Dystopia: A day of constant emergency drills creates an imaginary dystopia of disaster-inspired monsters!
  5. The Scientific Horrors: Dissection day in the science lab turns into a nightmarish beast menagerie for Will.
  6. The Recess Monstrosities: Will faces an uncivilized recess land torn between the Dodgeballers and the Kickballers.
  7. The Art Dimension: When art class becomes a swirling mass of untapped paint, Will must defeat abstract creature after abstract creature to get out with his life.
  8. The Singalong Sirens: Music class turns into a mist-shrouded sea of song when Will’s imagination takes over.
  9. The Hall Raptors: Will encounters hall monitor raptors and a bathroom black market when his imagination takes him back to the hallway jungle.
  10. The Photo Beast: School picture day has come around yet again, but Will’s imagination takes him to a hypnotic realm of light.

That’s all for now!

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