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November 15, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Two Days, Two Movies: Follow That Bird

And now, it’s time to witness the first in a two-part review of the Sesame Street movies.  First up-Follow That Bird!


Follow That Bird

Basically, this is Sesame Street’s first movie, out of two.  It’ll take us on a cross-country trip, with mushroom people, wrecked cars, and daredevil airplane stunts.  In other words, it’s perfect for a Muppet-related production.  Now let’s go-we have to meet Big Bird in NYC by the next two lines!

Now let’s rise for the Grouch anthem-no wait, for the Grouch Anthem, we sit down.  Brace yourself-Oscar’s gonna sing.  Basically, for the next few minutes, Oscar’s gonna sing the Grouch Anthem (stand up for your Grouch-ly rights) with a bunch of other Grouches.  Then, Oscar tells us to have a rotten time (according to him, we’ve already seen the best part of the movie), which leads to a cartoon of Big Bird.

Now we’re attending some kind of meeting (apparently of the Feathered Friends), whose purpose is to “place stray birds with nice bird families”.  Basically, they’re an adoption society.  They open Big Bird’s file.  Six years old, and lives alone with NO other birds.  To the Feathered Friends, this is a really big problem.  A tall bird named Miss Finch stands up, and asks for where he lives, which is Sesame Street.  “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”

Welcome to Sesame Street, home of Big Bird, Barkely, and many others.  Let’s go through part of the movie-I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you.  Okay, we’re  twenty-two minutes in, and Big Bird has run away from his new home with the dimwitted Dodo family.  He is headed back to Sesame Street, which might take a while, considering that the Dodos live in Illinois.  We will give you details as they become available.  See you at the forty-five minute mark!  We now return you to your regurally scheduled paragraph.

Okay, forty-five minutes in, and I’m possibly regretting this whole idea.  But there’s this one memorable scene that MUST be described.  Some of the people on Sesame Street are going on a cross-country search to find Big Bird.  Maria, Oscar, Telly, and a Honker had lunch at Friendly’s and are going to have dinner at the Don’t Drop Inn.  There’s not much of an edible selection (like candied clams), so Maria just plays it safe and orders the tossed salad.  Guess what?  At the Don’t Drop Inn, they take things literally.  Fire away!  I’ll meet you at an hour and fifteen minutes.

Now we’re an hour and fifteen minutes in, and let me tell you, things are getting serious.  Let’s summarize-gasp-Big Bird was captured and painted blue by two carnival owners named the Sleaze Brothers, who billed him as an attraction.  Everyone is on a rescue mission to save him, and they managed to locate him and obtain the keys to his cage.  All of them don’t work, but on the very last one, which does, the Sleaze Brothers drive off-Big Bird in tow!  Everyone gets in the car and prepares for a high-speed car chase.  Wheeze!  Cough!  Whew!  I’ll meet up with you at the very end.  Wish me luck, because I don’t think I can catch up with the Sleaze Brothers.

Well, that’s the end of Follow That Bird.  Here’s what happened-after the Sleaze Brothers were arrested and Big Bird returned to Sesame Street, Miss Finch arrived and grew a second head.  She was then crushed underfoot by Godzilla.  Just kidding!  In reality, Miss Finch declared Sesame Street to be Big Bird’s real home, and Gordon’s car arrived-mostly devoured by Cookie Monster.  Not even Progressive could forgive that.  Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I watch Elmo In Grouchland.


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  1. Grandpa / Nov 15 2010 2:54 pm

    I love the way you write and make such lucid commentary on things.
    Keep the great work.
    Love you,

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