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November 16, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Urban Jungle Chapter Four


“Today, class, you will experience emergency drills of all shapes and-” Pwap!  Pwap!  Pwap!  The teacher was rudely interrupted by an alarm bell, signifying that the first emergency drill of the day had begun.  Using the siren code that our teacher had taught us yesterday, I knew that this was a Bully-Rampage Drill, in which an army of bullies rampaged through the halls, destroying everything in their paths.  What would it be like if these drills were all to real…?  And that’s when everything went the color of sand.

I woke up in a strange place.  It looked like the Grand Canyon had totally collapsed, and was surrounded my fog and low-lying storm clouds.  Ruined cities could be seen far out in the distance.  I saw a huge funnel-like shadow moving through the fog towards me, and I realized that it was a tornado!  I was frozen with fear, especially when I saw how the tornado had piercing red eyes and a mouth full of jagged fangs.  It sucked me into it’s top, and I was suddenly confronted with a very real problem-getting hit by a piano.

I managed to dodge it and a few other large, heavy objects.  I was getting used to moving around when I saw an opening form in the tornado’s side.  And the other.  Suddenly, I flew through one opening and landed in a ditch.  I noticed that where the openings were, two smaller tornados had formed, minus the eyes and mouths.  The tornado had grown arms!  That’s when I noticed something in the ditch.  It looked like a ten-foot tall Roman gladiator, only it was carved from sandstone and had huge blocks of obsidian for feet.  The statue began to move, and all of a sudden a tremor that would put the San Andreas Fault to shame started.

The ditch quickly caved in, and I ducked into a cramped tunnel that only spared me a few inches.  I began to crawl through it, when one of the statue’s long arms reached out to grab me.  At the same time, a blast of fire came through the other end.  I noticed that the tunnel ran off into a large chamber, and I jumped into it, just barely making it before the smell of cooked earth filled the air.  The chamber looked like a big hollow sphere.  In the middle was a terrifying monster.

It was about as big as I was, only very different.  It had a humanoid head, torso, and arms all right, but it had a multitude of tentacles forming at the waist for legs.  Oh, and the whole creature looked like it was on fire.  I saw a bucket of water next to me, and I hurled it onto the fire monster.  A large dent appeared in it’s chest, and I thought it was done for.  That’s when, right behind it, a creature just like the fire monster, only it was made entirely out of water, appeared.  Both of them spun around at the same time, and the chamber began to rock and roll, just like a ball.

I flew back and forth, and slammed into the water monster.  And that’s when something very strange happened.  I sunk into the creature’s body, and started to meld with it.  When the transformation process was done, I had my normal head and legs, and the torso, tentacles, and arms of the water monster.  I had grown to twenty feet tall.  I punched the fire monster, and my head, hands, and feet caught on fire.  I was a very strange, but very powerful, monster.

The tornado monster barged in, with upside-down tornadoes for legs.  I punched him, too, and was sucked in at once.  Then, the tornado shrunk, becoming a swirling sword.  When the statue ran in, which probably destroyed half of the surface world, I grabbed his feet and turned him into a pair of giant stone katanas.  I was the most powerful monster ever-and then I passed out.

When I came to, a massive herd of bullies was running through the halls, followed by ten teachers in golf carts.  I ran to the side, watching the bullies go by, and waiting for my next adventure.


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