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November 18, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fraggle Rock: Fan Fiction Episodes

Fraggle Rock: The Fan Fiction Series will happen!  Here are a few episodes I have in mind…

  1. Meeting Migra Fraggle: Gobo and Red go off on an adventure during the Great Poison Cackler Migration.  When they run into trouble, they get saved by the legendary Migra Fraggle, hero of the Poison Cacklers.
  2. She Warned You: Despite the Trash Heap’s warnings, Gobo goes off on an adventure in the Gorg’s Garden.  But when Junior Gorg shows up, it turns out the the sentient compost has more powers than she’s given credit for.
  3. Skylight Blues: While exploring Skylight Cave, Gobo is kidnapped by the Skylight Creatures, prompting the other Fraggles to plan a rescue mission.  Meanwhile, Wembley must settle an argument between Cantus The Minstrel and Gillis Fraggle.
  4. Crown For A King: When Heister Fraggle tries to steal Pa Gorg’s crown, the other Fraggles must save him from an awful fate.  Meanwhile, the Trash Heap must help out when a Pebble Pox epidemic sweeps the Doozers.
  5. Radish-Bound Rescuers: A Doozer construction crash leaves Red and Mokey trapped in Big Boulder Canyon, and Cotterpin must figure out a way to stop them from being crushed.
  6. Siren Billy: The outcast Siren Billy Fraggle sneaks back into the Great Hall, leaving all of the other Fraggles hypnotized-except for earmuff-clad Boober.  Meanwhile, Philo and Gunge meet what might be their long-lost relatives.
  7. Goombat Girl: When Mokey discovers a threatened kind of creature called the Goombat, she turns into Goombat Girl-until she discovers the Goombats’ true intentions.
  8. Populate This: Gobo and Mokey’s idea of colonizing Fraggle Rock is a win-win for both Fraggles and Doozers.  Unfortunately, problems arise when the Fraggle Rock Zoo’s prize exhibit-a Flying Batworm-escapes and terrorizes Fraggle City.
  9. Mokey’s Observatory: When the Doozer Equinox comes around, Mokey plans to observe the great-and green-event that only occurs once every ten months.  Meanwhile, Cotterpin Doozer’s new Doozer vehicle design wreaks havoc around the Rock.

If you have any more ideas, or possible lyrics for new songs, please comment ASAP!  And stay tuned for Meeting Migra Fraggle, coming soon!

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