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November 18, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Roanoke Part Three

Bostan turned to run, but four soldiers had appeared from thin air, muskets raised.  That’s when Bostan noticed a set of gallows hanging right above him.  He grabbed the noose and yanked with all his might.  Luckily, it was a new model with a pulley, so he was pulled up quickly.  He swung his body over the wood post and landed in the water.  Even from twenty feet below the Caribbean Sea, he could still hear Admiral Cater’s rapid fire cursing.

He pulled himself up onto the Heartless, and mustered what few crew members stayed onboard.  They got the boat going, and in the open seas within the hour.  Bostan noticed that the fourteen Royal Navy ships were hot on their tails.  Luckily, there was a port nearby called the Wench’s Shadow.  The area surrounding it was completely shrouded in fog.  Only the highest members of the Outcast’s Court knew how to navigate it, including Bostan.  That’s when Bostan noticed the gallows.  “Well, that’s new,” Bostan muttered.  That’s when he noticed the familiar corpses of the Outcast’s Court leaders hanging from the nooses-dead.

Rickety and Halfwit screamed like little girls in terror, but were silenced when a flaming cannonball broke the thick fog and hit the mainsail.  “To your positions!” Bostan shouted.  The remaining crew members scrambled to their stations, and began some cannon fire.  Admiral Cater himself swung out of nowhere and landed on the decks.  Only Bostan noticed this, and unsheathed his old cutlass.  He climbed the mast, and jumped down right onto Cater.  The admiral howled in pain, and knocked Bostan off his back.  The two clashed swords, and the most epic battle in a decade began.

The metal blades struck each other dozens of times, and by the time the two were worn out and tired, each had several small wounds.  But then Halfwit swung himself down from the crow’s nest, and kicked Cater into the water.  The two pirates rushed belowdecks, and armed a cannon.  Sure enough, Cater started climbing up the side of the Heartless.  Just when he was halfway up, Bostan and Halfwit opened the cannon.  Cater was now dangling over the ocean, holding onto the cannon barrel.  He gave a quick girlish whimper, and Bostan lit the fuse.  Ten seconds later, all that remained of the admiral was a single gold button on the very tip of the cannon.

After sailing back to Port Thorax and collecting the rest of the crew, Bostan set course for England.  “Maybe there’ll be a worthy opponent there,” he said.  “Let’s go.”


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