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November 21, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

A Kid On Parenting: It’s All Stereotypical

Lots of successful parents write manuals, guides, and other books about parenting.  Some I agree with, others I downright hate.  It’s important for any parent to know what works best for their child, and what would have to be unhappily forced upon them.  That’s why I’m writing A Kid On Parenting.  It’s like a book review/parenting tip sheet.  Basically, I’ll cover a topic that many parents write about in their books, and give my own opinion on them.  I’ll also look at what parenting guides say, and show you what might happen if you put them to the test.  So brace yourself-this could get ugly.

What are stereotypes, anyway?  The definition of stereotypes you might be thinking of is this: various classes with certain characteristics like nerds, jocks, and teacher’s pets.  Parents might fear that their child is a “nerd”, and therefore will be picked on by “bullies”.  I for one do not support bullying in any way, but it is important to be optimistic about any stereotype your child might be.  For example, if your child is a “nerd”, it might mean that he is incredibly intelligent, which is, strange as it sounds, frowned upon in some pecking orders.  Therefore, do not panic if your child is called a nerd, as it very well could mean that he is just very smart, a good trait.

Other stereotypes are “bullies”, who normally pick on nerds.  Often, bullies are jocks and are physically active for a good amount of time each day.  If you suspect that your child is a bully, while being very bad, being a bully means that he is fit, but is not channeling his fitness in a good way.  Try encouraging him to sign up for sports activities, such as a football team.  Channeling his fitness in a way that promotes teamwork and just plain having fun is the perfect way to stop a bully in their tracks.

As your child matures, their choice of clothing and attitude may change as well.  People known as “goths” tend to wear black, for instance.  Do not attempt to prevent this, as it merely shows your child’s personality.  The only exception is if your child is dressing inappropriately or is speaking inappropriately to his or her peers.  Individuality is a good thing, after all.  Parents these days will try to help their children fit in, when in fact they are being pessimistic about various stereotypes of children, and doing the exact opposite of what a good parent should do.  See you next time when we discuss what a child’s best interests REALLY are.

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  1. Celena / Nov 22 2010 7:33 pm

    Hi Miles,

    This made me laugh and as a former “Goth” girl, I appreciate your understanding. This is more or less what my Dad told my Mom, when I was in my dressing in black stage. I did add more colors to more wardrobe as the years went by, but I still love to wear black. I look forward to reading more of your kid parenting tips! Still have to set-up a day for RISK!


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