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November 22, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Terrin Owstro And The Rescue Mission

I had experienced three adventures in my time at Camp Paleo, making me eligible to help Titanus on rescue missions, in case a kid needed help getting to safety.  My first mission-a Cleveland boy named Hess Rornia.  According to Titanus, he was closest to the marine fish-hunter Hesperornis.  There was a bully at Hess’s school named Barry Onx.  We all knew that a name like that meant a fish-eating dinosaur called Baryonx.  Now here’s the problem-how do you get a fish-smelling kid away from a fish-loving carnivore?

Titanus melted me and himself into a Cleveland school hallway.  It was pretty crowded, but an Oxford-style guy in a middle school doesn’t exactly draw a lot of attention.  That’s when a big, skinny guy with a hunch and a tuna fish sandwich marched through the hallway, flanked by two smaller cronies.  Both of them had a lot of temporary tattoos of what looked like feathers.  Me and Titanus followed what we both hoped was Barry along the sides of the hall.  Just when we were at the gym doors, one of the feathered goons shouted “Hey, that guy doesn’t teach here!  Barry, we got trouble!”

Barry and friends made a mad dash for the gym, but a scrawny kid with slicked-back black hair blocked their way.  Me and Titanus joined him, and you could tell things were gonna get ugly.  In the middle of the hallway rush, the two cronies vanished, but were replaced by two small feathered dinosaurs with wicked toe claws.  A pair of Mei, and they didn’t look very happy.




I quickly activated my Anurognathus summoning skull, and the screaming frenzy of sixth-graders trampled the dinosaur goons.  Barry just sneered.  “Well, well, well,” he jeered.  “Looks like you three are in a bit of trouble, aren’t you?  Barry grew until his head barely grazed the ceiling, and his skin grew a scaly light green, the color of pond scum.  When the transformation was finished, Barry was a fully-grown Baryonx, which is not something you’d want to fight.




Titanus morphed into Titanoboa form, and snuck up behind the monster.  He pounced, but Barry just happened to shift his neck right before he was strangled.  The giant anaconda fell to the ground, and became human again.  I summoned more pterosaurs, but they were only snapped up by Barry’s long jaws.  That’s when the black-haired kid let out a deafening screech, then, for some reason, sprouted a pair of large black bird wings.  They were damp with water, but that didn’t stop bird-boy from leaping up and kicking Barry in the head.  I let loose some kind of primordial pterosaur scream, and sprouted a pair of pterosaur wings, joining bird-boy.

“So, flier to flier,” I said.  “How about we kick this guy’s prehistoric tail and go out for seafood?”  He happily agreed, and we soared high over the now panicking crowd of middle-schoolers.  I landed on Barry’s neck, and narrowly avoided being flipped into the air while the monster bucked his head up and down.  Bird-boy repeatedly kicked Barry in the shins, until we brought the dinosaur to the ground.  I summoned a flock of baby Pteranodon to finish him off, and they gladly did.  He exploded into light and dust.  Bird-boy and I gave a final prehistoric screech, and Titanus melted us back to camp.

I guess the dino-scream had some control over the wings, because by the time we were back at camp, they had vanished.  Turns out bird-boy was really Hess Rornia, which made my first mission a success.  Until next rescue, I guess!


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  1. Grandpa / Nov 23 2010 12:03 am

    Very creative and wonderful
    Love, Gpa

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