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November 27, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

The Troll Rebellion Chapter One

“Many years ago, upon this very day, a war began.”


“A war.  I’ll tell you…”


Any man who is still alive will tell you that there was no chance of success.  The civilized Wizard Capital had the trolls far outnumbered, but were unprepared.  It all began over a century ago, at the peak of wizard civilization.  Grand castles were being built, spells were being invented nearly every week, and we had all forgotten about the dark threats that lived only a narrow ocean away.  The last one was a mistake.  If we were on guard every living moment, the war wouldn’t have happened.  But it did, anyway.

Wizard Capital Ambassador Crewe was visiting the troll villages on the continent of Wildusia, hoping to gain allies.  He mistakenly thought that he could make peace with them, and gain the upper hand against the Darklanian vampire kingdoms.  He was wrong.  The moment he set foot in the jungle, he was torn apart by a band of coastal trolls.  His crew barely made it off of the continent alive.  That one murder was enough to send Anastas, First Queen Of The Wizard High Council, into a screaming fit, declaring war under the worst of circumstances.

Ten metal warships, each carrying ten dozen wizard soldiers, arrived at the shores of Wildusia, foolishly thinking that they were prepared for a fight.  They were wrong.  Immediately after ambushing the coastal village of Woonkus, two troops were taken out by a single wild cyclops, injured from the rapid-fire lightning spells.  Another five held their own against a pair of Runesword-wielding trolls, but were eventually taken out.  The remaining three set course back for the Wizard Capital.

Anastas was furious, demanding more and more troops by the day.  When the month was out, four hundred troops of wizard soldiers, each with iron warships armed with Darksidian cannonballs, had assembled in the harbor.  There was no turning back, so they set out.  Unfortunately, the trolls had allied with a nearby tribe of Kelplies.  The armada did not stand a chance.  Once Anastas got word of the massacre, she hurled herself into the sea, believing she had failed the Wizard Capital.  And so began the search for the next head of the Wizard High Council.

Bromick, Second Chief Of The Wizard High Council, set out for the royal village of Ba’Mhee, birthplace of Anastas.  There, he met Rowan, a shy young boy who reluctantly agreed to visit the Wizard Capital.  Upon arrival, he was taken aback by it’s wonder and beauty, and refused to return to his hometown.  Rowan’s mother, Bessica, attempted to visit the boy’s new home, but was brutally murdered by a street gang of Aura Elves.  Rowan vowed revenge, but when news came of the troll war, he put the Wizard Capital’s safety before his own sentimental needs.  He was a fool.

Rowan himself donned a suit of century-old armor and joined what little soldiers could still be drafted.  He took his place among the fifty troops still remaining.  And for the first time in over a year, the Wizard Capital had won a battle in the troll war.  However, their luck would not last.  The Kelplies, still strong allies with the troll tribes, decided to attack the Wizard Capital.  Perhaps an explanation of Kelplies is necessary before we go further.

Kelplies are extremely dangerous sentient monsters.  Also known as Chimeras, Kelplies are fire-breathing lions with bat wings, only they are the size of elephants.  A gang of Aura Elf bandits known as the Chimera Riders existed, and had been operating in Darklania for a brief period of time before the troll war.  Now they were taking over some regions of the continent.  Both Anastas and Rowan had taken measures to prevent the Chimera Riders from attacking the Wizard Capital, but even the strongest of Darksidian cannonballs couldn’t stop twenty dozen of the monsters from destroying the harbor.  Rowan had to agree with the Wizard War Council-evacuation was necessary.

Just as the first wave of Kelplies, about two dozen of them, arrived at the Wizard Capital, all of town square seemed to have been deserted.  Just then, Rowan, hastily clad in chain mail armor, stepped into the now dry fountain portraying a brave and valiant knight, holding a sword in one hand and a gorgon head in the other.  “Kelplie invad-” he began to say, but the Kelplie chief blasted him with a glowing green fireball.  What little remained of Rowan was scattered, charred from the flames.  The Kelplies began an assault on the Wizard Capital.  Not that anyone was there to scream and run in terror.


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