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November 30, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

The Troll Rebellion Chapter Two

“So that’s it?  The trolls and Kelplies won?”

“No, not even close.”

“Really?  Tell me.”


It was several weeks after the Kelplie assault.  The Wizard Capital was in flames, and rumor had it that the Kelplies were moving west towards the royal villages.  Everyone was in a state of panic, and without a ruler, no one was safe.  Everyone in the village of Cerra’Hoontha was gathered at the local taverns, but not to form a Kelplie-hunting mob.  The people of Cerra’Hoontha had given up hope, and were enjoying life while they could.  It just so happened that a short little fellow in a purple cloak that hid all of his body except for two bony hands wandered into a bar called the Elven House.  Little did he know the trouble he was getting himself into.

The man walked through crowds of suspiciously vampire-like women, dwarves that were trying to beat each other senseless, and tough men with wands wrapped in dragonskin leather.  He finally made his way to the bar itself, and jumped onto the stool (for being as short he was, he was forced to jump).  A muscular man who went by the name of Leochard (he was the bartender) stopped haggling over the price of rum and walked over to the man.  With one look at him, Leochard’s eyes seemingly flashed with a demonic red.  “You!” he screamed.  He gripped the man’s cloak and forcefully yanked it off of him, revealing the now scarred and dirty face of-Bromick.

“You tell us everything is okay,” shouted Leochard.  “And then you run away like a pixie in the face of fire?!”  His hand shot for Bromick’s throat, but Bromick knew better than to stick around for a fight.  Leochard whipped out his wand a moment too late, and howled in anger.  He grabbed a torch and jumped over the bar, giving chase.  He dashed around the vampire women, fighting dwarves and muscle men, firing vicious fire spells all the way.  One of the muscle men realized what was happening, and joined Leochard.  He held out his palm, and tiny purple flames began to dance across his fingertips.  The flames grew larger, until the man realized what he was doing.  Bromick jumped out of the Elven House just in time before it exploded.

Still, Bromick knew that he had better run fast.  Bartenders were naturally skilled at shield spells.  In fact, it was a wizard tradition that if your child was best at shield spells, you had better take him or her to a tavern for lessons.  If Leochard had survived that blast, Bromick was still in danger.  He fled into the forest and never returned to Cerra’Hoontha.  In five days time, Bromick met a dragon in the forest.  Now, wizard dragons are different from the dragons of mortal mythology.  Wizard dragons are merely giant bearded dragons with webbed feet and the magic ability to fly and breathe fire.  Bromick instantly knew the danger and tried to sneak away, but the dragon noticed him anyway.  He was severely burned, and tried to get to the nearest medicine village.  By the power of a miracle spell, he did.

He entered the wooden gates of Lippitain, the greatest medicine village there is.  What he would do once healed, he had no idea, but he did know that as long as the Kelplies existed, he would be in grave danger indeed.


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