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December 7, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fifteen Men…

Aye, they say that the seas never rest.  I for one agree with them.  In fact, ever since I defeated Admiral Terinsta, I’ve been thirsty for a new adventure.  But ye wouldn’t be keen on joining me crew, would ye?  Really?  Well, considering that there’s the threat of sea monsters, bloodthirsty merchant kingpins, and of course, the legendary Fifteen Men, you’re putting your very lives on the line.  Still want in?  It’s your doom, I’ll tell ye that.

Join Admiral Bostan as he battles legendary merchant captain Larcatune and attempts to free the most powerful, most legendary, most downright amazing pirates ever to sail the Seven Seas-the Fifteen Men!  And along the way, you might even get to take down a giant sea monster or two!  So get ready for:



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