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December 11, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fraggle Rock: Meeting Migra Fraggle

It was just the crack of dawn (if you can call it dawn in a cave) in Fraggle Rock, but everybody was going crazy with preparations.  The World’s Oldest Fraggle, beard and all, was running around, jotting down things on a piece of paper.  “Move that radish left!  No, don’t load the pumpkins in THAT cart,” he was screaming.  “Ugh!  This is the Great Poison Cackler Migration, Fraggles!  We don’t have time for pranks or jokes or singing or any of that!”  Everyone stopped to stare at him, then kept on preparing.  Indeed, this was a rare event, but a dangerous one.

The Poison Cacklers were the worst of all Fraggle Rock monsters, and certainly the most numerous.  Every 5,000 years, they migrated all across Fraggle Rock for no given reason, only to travel back to the Cave Of Migra Fraggle, where they lived for the other 4,999 years.  But now, they were coming back.  Every Fraggle was preparing to head to the Haven Cave, the only place the Poison Cacklers didn’t go in their great migration.  Now, everyone was going crazy trying to get their things packed.  Gobo was watching over the maps, when Red pulled him aside.  “Come on, Gobo!  Do you think this is a REAL adventure, or just some boring plans and a camp out?”  she said.  And she began to sing:

It’s big, it’s great

So what’s to hate?

The boredom of it all!

Why do you care

To be bored and prepare

When we could be

Bouncing off of the wall!

You see what I say

Just seize the day!

Have adventures grand

All through the land

And don’t sit around and camp-hey!

What could Gobo do but agree?  Red made a good point-it was getting pretty boring, even if he wasn’t 5,000 years old like the WOF.  He and Red packed supplies and set out for the Diamond Wonder Cave, where the legendary Diamond Wonder was rumored to be hidden.  But while they were hiking through the now unoccupied Cave Of Migra Fraggle, they came upon a terrifying sight.  A Poison Cackler jumped down from the stalactites above and cornered Gobo and Red.

Poison Cackler

Gobo and Red screamed in terror, when a great cloud of sickening green smoke filled the cave.  The Poison Cackler ran off in a daze, and when the smoke cleared, a brave-looking Fraggle was eye-to-eye with Red.  She had lovely cherry-red skin, but pale white hair, as if she was very, very old indeed.  Her eyes were slanted and slightly blurred, as if she had been doing this for many years.  She looked exactly like the paintings of Migra Fraggle, only older.  “Hello, young Fraggles,” she said cheerfully.  “My name is Migra Fraggle, hero of the Great Poison Cackler Migration!”

Gobo looked awed, but Red just rolled her eyes.  After all, SHE was the great athletic Fraggle hero until this Migra Fraggle person showed up just now!  “Oh, lah-de-dah,” she said sarcastically.  “Oh, Migra Fraggle!  Sign my Rock Hockey uniform, please!”  Gobo looked shocked.  “Red,” he said.  “How can you disrespect a Fraggle hero like that?”  Red inquired the reason for Migra Fraggle’s heroic actions.  “Well,” Gobo explained.  “It was the last Great Poison Cackler Migration.  A young Fraggle girl named Minna Fraggle was cornered by a pack of Poison Cacklers, when she tossed some Blubaberries at them.  They caused the Poison Cacklers to retreat, and the Fraggles learned how to ward off Poison Cacklers.  And thus, she was a hero, renamed Migra in honor of the time.”

Red was still unimpressed by the great tale.  “If you’re so great, Migra Fraggle,” she said.  “Then I challenge you to get through the Poison Cackler Maze without a scratch!”  Migra was taken aback, for she had never been challenged like this.  The Poison Cackler Maze was a long tunnel, full of deep gorges and canyons, and teeming with Poison Cacklers.  But Migra accepted anyway.  They started at the massive chunk of rock that began the maze, and once Migra started, Gobo and Red sprinted to the end.  That’s when they both heard a piercing shriek for help.  It was Migra.

Red dove into the cave, where Migra was trying to climb out of a seemingly endless gorge.  However, she was surrounded by dozens of Poison Cacklers.  Red grabbed as many Blubaberries as she could from a nearby bush and started charging the Poison Cacklers.  Covering her nose and mouth with her hand, she tossed the green and blue spotted berries left and right.  “Hey,” she shouted valiantly.  “Hey, hey!  Get away from the hero!”  The sickly green gas filled the tunnel, and Red took the chance to grab Migra’s hand before she slipped into the darkness.  Red pulled Migra away from the gorge just as the Poison Cacklers came to their senses and started chasing them.

The two Fraggles dashed out of the tunnel, while the Poison Cacklers got stuck because of their large size.  The monsters hissed in frustration, but Gobo, Red, and Migra ran off back to the Great Hall.  Nobody noticed that Gobo and Red were missing, but the World’s Oldest Fraggle welcomed Migra Fraggle back, and offered her a position on the caravan.  And Migra just smiled.


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