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December 30, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

The Business Kids: Chapter One

Bleep!  Bleep!  Bleep!  Peter jumped out of bed at the third alarm, and rushed into his casual clothes.  He toasted a Pop Tart downstairs, chugged down some milk, and put on his green loafers.  He practically lept out the door, and met his best friend Josh at the corner of Cedar and Rain.  Today was the first day of summer vacation, and they had a lot to do.

You see, Peter and Josh weren’t any ordinary kids.  They held the neighborhood nickname “The Business Kids”, and with good reason, too.  In their four-year friendship, they had created, owned, and made a nice profit off of an Uno club, a movie club, and a small dinner theater operation.  And now, Josh’s family had moved into a bigger house.  Believe it or not, there was a small tiki-style bar in the basement!  This would be their biggest business yet!  And they were eager to set up!

Peter met up with Josh, inquiring if he had everything they needed.  “Do you have the mango smoothie mix,” he asked.  “The crushed ice, the coconut milk, the assorted fruits, and the tropical outfits?”  Josh rolled his eyes ever so slightly.  Peter was always on top of things.  “Yes, yes, yes, and yes,” he replied.  “Plus, I booked this girl Henrietta and her two friends to do some hula dancing on the stage.”  Peter was overjoyed.  They made their way to Josh’s house, talking the whole way.  “Any problems?” Peter asked.  “Well,” Josh said.  “There’s this one kid next door named Toby, two years our senior, but he doesn’t have much imagination in him.  Won’t be a problem, if that’s what you’re worried about.”  Little did they know what was going to happen.

The two boys made their way down to the basement.  Basically, it looked like this:

The room was fifteen feet by fifteen feet.  On one end there was a bar, with two shelves behind it, where the boys had put some decorative plastic martini glasses.  They had also rigged up a smoothie maker earlier that week.  On the other end, the floor rose up about five inches, forming a small stage.  The hula girls were already setting up their act.  The boys put on their outfits-leis and tropical straw hats, along with fake sunglasses.  The boys got everything together and waited for the costumers to start rolling in.  But they didn’t come.

“Did you advertise in the paper like I told you to?” asked Peter.  “Of course I did!” replied Josh.  The two boys went outside and saw something very, very strange.  In Toby’s backyard were strange shapes, some made of cardboard, some made of wood.  Josh decided to investigate.  Toby had apparently built a small attraction park in his very big yard, and was attracting the kids that would have gone to the tiki bar.  Josh walked up to the ticket booth, and paid five dollars for admission.  Josh did the math, and Toby must have already made two hundred dollars by now!

The first attraction was called the Time Hall.  The signs said that it was “a place lost in time itself”.  Josh went inside.  The room looked like a metal cube.  There were various small portholes dotting the walls and ceiling, some displaying swirling clouds of pink, others showing what looked like famous historical scenes-Washington crossing the Delaware, Kitty Hawk 1903, and even prehistoric scenes!  It really was a place lost in time itself!  Josh exited and headed to the next attraction, which was called Wild Land.

The Wild Land sign said that it was a rainforest, home to creatures never before seen by human eyes!  Josh doubted this, but went inside anyway.  He immediately tripped over a root, and fell into a thick jungle.  After about ten seconds of hiking through some bushes, he came across a clearing.  In the middle of the clearing was a small rock cave, only about three feet high and wide.  Mist was drifting out of the cave mouth.  That’s when two red reptilian eyes poked out of the darkness.  Josh screamed and dashed into a nearby tree.  He looked up and saw a neon-colored vulture the size of a Mini Cooper on a branch right above him.  Josh tumbled out of the tree and ran out of the attraction.  But he wasn’t finished yet.

The last attraction Josh visited was the Spook House.  Josh didn’t need an explanation as he entered the small purple Victorian house.  He walked into the kitchen, and the floor fell out from underneath him!  He looked around and saw that he was in an underground graveyard.  Suddenly, he heard a deranged moaning noise, and turned to find four shapes lumbering toward him!  They were about his size and humanoid, but they couldn’t be human.  Their skin was the color of pond scum mixed with mud,  and their clothes were torn and ragged.  They were zombies!  Josh shrieked with terror and climbed up a rickety old ladder into the attic of the Spook House.  The place was small, but it was dimly lit and was dotted with cobwebs.  Suddenly, a young girl no older than nine appeared from nowhere.  She had a large scratch across her right cheek, and was panting, like she had just ran a marathon.  “Help me,” she pleaded.  “There’s something after me, something-ah!”  The girl was cut off as two long, leathery hands appeared from the dark ceiling grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her high.  Josh heard some screams and then silence.  That was it.  He wanted out of this place!  He met up with Peter back at the tiki bar, and told him everything.  “Toby’s a fraud,” he said.  “And it’s time we proved it.”

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  1. Celena / Jan 1 2011 6:52 am

    Can’t wait to read the rest (Malo)

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