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February 6, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

A Kid On Parenting: Techno Parents

Today I’ll be focusing on the ever-popular (ever since I started visiting that place, attendance records must have rocketed) LV Parenting Blog, and will also be spending some time with the infamous (in my book) Power Cop!  Let’s start with the Power Cop.  Apparently, the PC is a television control device.  Here’s what gets me.  Their motto is: “Egg timers and I promises are very nice, but let’s face it, these ‘Time Thieves’ are addictive for kids.”  So you’re saying that your kids’ word isn’t good enough, so you should replace it with technology.  What does that tell us about the parents of today?  Sad, sad indeed.

Now for the LV Parenting blog.  This is a pretty good parenting website, linked from the Morning Call parenting site, which is just about as good.  The only thing that gets me is that this site focuses more on family-friendly activities (festivals, plays, etc) than the issues.  Still, it’s very well organized and I really agree with it.  Especially how the woman who writes it clearly expresses dislike towards the Halloween Candy Buyback.  Don’t even get me started on THAT.

But the real bad part about the blog is the people they let comment on it.  Here’s what Realist says about the issue of schools taking away recess as a punishment (I don’t support that idea, if you need to know):

Are you kidding me?  Recess at schools is only about 15 minutes tops.  You as the parent shouldn’t be excusing your son/daughter’s lack of physical activity.  Take the TV, video games, etc. away from your child and tell them that they have no choice but to go outside, use their imagination to play some sort of game, etc.  Stop blaming someone else.  There’s also a childhood obesity epidemic due to all the “garbage” that parents allow their children to eat and the fact that more parents don’t force their kids out the door after school to let them run around.

Yeesh, what an awful parent (assuming that Realist has kids and that they haven’t run away like I would have).  Now, here’s the problem: Realist is wrong on three levels:

  1. School recesses are often longer than fifteen minutes.  My grade spends a fifteen minute period outside before lunch, and another after lunch.  It was the only way all three classes could have recess together.
  2. The blogger isn’t blaming anybody.  She’s just expressing her opinion, and that opinion happens to be that taking away recess as a punishment is wrong.
  3. Forcing kids to do something is wrong, too.  I’m surprised that our PTA hasn’t become the PTKA.  Kids need a say if you’re going to have them do something.  Otherwise, they won’t have fun and the goal you are trying to accomplish will fail.

Let’s do a little thought experiment here.  Let’s call the good parents who write the fairly decent parenting books and blogs the Lovers, and people like Realist and the music-hating Soco the Abusers.  The Lovers and Abusers are fighting a war here.  The Lovers want all parents to be flexible and free-flowing, and to love their kids always.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the war, the Abusers say that parents get to make all of the decisions and are horrified by the Lovers, who they claim allow their kids to become techno-addicts.  Of course, if the kids get to decide the outcome of this war, you know as well as I do who’s gonna win!

So let’s recap: while the Power Cop tries to replace a kid’s word with technology, parenting blogs can appeal to any kind of parent.  Meanwhile, the people who comment on said parenting blogs have mixed opinions, sometimes right and sometimes wrong.  It’s clear that there are pros and cons to being a techno parent.



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  1. Kurt Blumenau / Feb 6 2011 4:30 am

    “Of course, if the kids get to decide the outcome of this war, you know as well as I do who’s gonna win!”

    That’s kind of a big “if.”

    Also, are you truly suggesting that only one side of the discussion “loves their kids always”?
    The Abusers (which is not a loaded word or anything, BTW) love their kids plenty; they just have different interpretations of what they need to do to give their kids a solid preparation for life.

    Just playing devil’s advocate. Keeps the blood pumping, you know.

  2. milesandhisfavorites / Feb 6 2011 6:11 pm

    Thank you for your input, Kurt. I’m just taking certain characteristics of good and bad parents and creating metaphorical people for them. Anyway, it’s just a thought experiment.

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