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February 18, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

D&D Homemade: War Of The Sky City

If you are into Dungeons & Dragons, are a Dungeon Master looking for a fresh adventure, or just like cool fantasy descriptions, look no further!  D&D Homemade is my take on the classic role playing game.  This may or may not be a regular thing, but here’s hoping it all works out!  D&D is a property of Wizards Of The Coast.  I don’t own it.

War Of The Sky City mostly takes place on (yes, ON) the city of Peloris, but in order for this adventure to be a real story, there has to be a reason for the characters to, ya know, visit it.  And considering that this is a city in the sky, there are a number of hooks that encourage players to investigate it.  For example, let’s say that the characters are hanging around the local tavern, trying to learn of possible adventures, when suddenly a very religious Tiefling launches into some sort of mental breakdown.  “It’s coming,” he says, or words to that extent.  He then rambles on about how the end is near unless a group of brave adventurers can stop the land of the sky people from bringing their doomsday to us.  How convenient.

Naturally, the characters go off to consult someone.  Luckily, the village has a local scholar who knowledge stretches back many centuries.  They ask him who the “sky people” are.  He explains that because of their many magic-trained residents, the city of Peloris has been floating above the countryside for over two hundred years.  He believes that the “doomsday” is a war that the Pelorians are fighting.  For several weeks, unexplained noises and odd lights have been coming from the valley several miles away where the city is.  The only logical explanation is a battle.  The characters have the choice to investigate.  If they take it, then they begin to venture towards the Peloris valley.  Alternatively, if the players do not trust the scholar, History or Arcana checks can be used.

Once they arrive, they see Peloris almost immediately.  The city is a classic pentagon, with five giant stone castles forming the corners.  Connecting them are a series of hanging wooden bridges, that all accumulate in a city center that houses a sixth castle.  Flying from castle to castle are big, muscular hippogriffs.  Oh, and it’s all floating several hundred feet above the valley.  A hippogriff floats down from a castle with only one giant, twisting spire.  Riding it is a very old eladrin.  “Oy,” he cries out to the characters.  “Need a lift?”  Do the characters accept his invitation?  If so, continue.

After a rather bumpy and slightly perilous hippogriff ride, the characters arrive in the city center.  The eladrin explains that Peloris was built as a temple to Pelor, a sky god.  The founders of Peloris thought that the closer they were to his domain, the better.  Which explains the city’s good fortune, up until several weeks ago.  That was when a large tribe of kobolds got daring, and harnessed the flying creatures that were native to the area.  From there, they attacked.  Luckily, the first battle was won by Peloris, but the kobold tribe has gotten stronger ever since.  Suddenly, a loud bell sounds.  The people start to scream and panic, and something appears in the distance.  Five Spiretop Drakes, obviously soldiers of the kobolds, are flying towards the city.  The eladrin explains that the characters have the opportunity to help fight the war.  There is also a big problem with Stirges in the market, or they could just wander around and explore the city.  However, soldiers are given handsome rewards after battles and the city will be under attack in minutes.  What will they decide to do?

If the characters decide to enlist, they are guided to a castle that has only small, blunt turrets.  There, the characters, along with several hundred warriors of various races, carrying mostly bows and arrows, wait in anticipation of the Drake attack.  If not, they are guided to a castle that is, essentially, three rectangles stacked on top of each other, growing smaller the higher they go.  Inside, a group of Stirges (you can decide how many) are wreaking havoc, scattering shoppers and merchants.  Let’s go back to the Drake attack.  Several minutes after gathering in the castle, part of the floor explodes.  In front of the blast hole stand three Kobold Skirmishers, which the front line soldiers defeat within a matter of minutes.  That’s when several dozen Kobold Slingers pour out of the hole.  Don’t worry, DMs, you don’t have to roll for all of them.  However, three of them target the characters.  THOSE you roll for.

After defeating the Kobolds, the characters rush out of the castle to see what is going on.  Peloris is flooded with chaos.  The Spiretop Drakes have called in reinforcements, in the form of three Pseudodragons.  Them, along with about three waves of fifteen Kobold Dragonshields, are tearing the city center apart.  The Peloris army launches attacks from bow and arrow nests based in the castle towers, and soon the forces are diminished.  That’s when the final assault is launched.  Four Hippogriff Dreadmounts appear in the sky, each one manned by a crew of three Kobold Slingers.  That’s when the final threat is revealed-the leader of the Kobold tribe.  Oddly, it is not a Kobold Slyblade, as one would probably assume.  In fact, it is not a Kobold at all.  Flying on her own, towards the now-in-ruins city center, is a Harpy named Cassandra.

She lands on the sixth castle in almost graceful beauty.  But do not let it deceive you.  A Dragonborn soldier charges her from a window, but she uses Claw on him and he falls into the valley far below.  Her cavalry, the Dreadmount riders, attacks the main army, and Cassandra herself attacks the characters.  After a presumably lengthy battle, Cassandra grunts and flies off into the distance.  She gives a final shriek, then vanishes.  The remnants of her army follow suit.  The Peloris army rejoices.  The war against Cassandra and her warriors is over.  And Peloris has won.  Of course, Cassandra still lives, and so does her army, which presumably is regrouping.  But for now, and likely for a long time, Peloris is safe.  This adventure is for Level Two players.


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