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March 3, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Playing For Keeps: An Upcoming Trilogy

So I had this really awesome idea for a story, and I was thinking of pitching it to Rick Riordan, but I figured hey, why not do it here?  So here it is:

Aside from Antarctica, there isn’t a continent in the world where Sophia Grenfield’s family hasn’t mingled.  But now things are getting really strange.  Her family is feuding, the UN is feuding, and natural disasters are starting to plague the planet.  But when Sophia gets caught in the middle of this so-called “doomsday”, she discovers that it isn’t just a coincidence-the world’s mythologies have entered a war, with each side allying with various deities and monsters.  And now Sophia’s caught in the middle, siding with a group of several mythologies called the Keepers, who are trying to stop the war.  But the two sides are trying to get Sophia on their side-at any and all costs.

So keep an eye out for the three stories in the Playing For Keeps Trilogy: Front Lines, Barricaded, and Primorial.


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