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March 13, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Theme Park Idea!

Here’s a crazy and kooky idea: Muppet City!  The only totally immersive Muppet experience!  Basically, it’s part of this massive secret base I’ve thought up called the Evergreen Compound, an underground super-hideout with a Jurassic Park-inspired zoological reserve, a cryptozoology area, and technology up to thirty-five years ahead anything anybody could come up with!  Of course, it’s just a fantasy, but I also had plenty of ideas for this floor I call Muppet City, a completely Muppet-themed city where select individuals could experience Jim Henson’s imagination.  Here are my ideas.  Now, Muppet City isn’t exactly a theme park.  It’s more like Main Street USA in Walt Disney World; it doesn’t have rides, but it isn’t exactly normal, either.

  • The Streets-The streets of Muppet City aren’t much to look at, though they ARE the main source of transportation.  Most of the streets are lined with apartment buildings, and instead of people, the pedestrians are Anything Muppets. 
  • Movin’ Right Along Taxi Co.-The other form of transportation in Muppet City.  The “taxis” are actually replicas of The Muppet Movie’s Studebakers.  There are three of them, and make regular routes around the city, starting and stopping at Town Square.
  • Town Square-The city’s Town Square is a tiny park with a Disney homage in the center-a statue of Jim Henson and Kermit in the same pose in the Walt Disney World Hub.  Gonzo is often seen in the Square as a street performer.
  • Muppet Theater-The Muppet Theater is an exact replica of the classic Muppet Show theater.  Every Friday, at 8:30 P.M., a show is performed based on a real episode of The Muppet Show.  The audience can buy popcorn (buttered or not) and root beer in the lobby.
  • Pete’s Diner-This diner is based off of the one seen in The Muppets Take Manhattan.  On the menu are cheese steaks, deep-dish pizza, and apple pie.  Five times daily, an instrumental music number is performed, accompanied by animatronic Muppet rats preparing food.
  • Le Pigue-The most exquisite boutique in Florida, Le Pigue carries inexpensive designer clothing.  Miss Piggy is often seen here.  It also sells replicas of the Kermitage collection.
  • El Sleazo-Based off of the nightclub seen in The Muppet Movie, you must be at least twenty-one to enter, as El Sleazo is the only place in Muppet City that sells alcoholic beverages.  Also included is classic comedy by the one and only-Fozzie Bear!
  • The Happiness Hotel-For those who wish to stay longer than a single day, the Happiness Hotel is based off of the hotel from The Great Muppet Caper.  Without a doubt, the highlight of your stay is the wakeup call-a short music production of “Happiness Hotel”, sung by animatronic Muppets!
  • Muppetopia-The ultimate in Muppet gift shops, Muppetopia sells everything from stuffed animals to board games to DVDs to CDs! 
  • Animal-Based off of the psychedelic era, Animal is a restaurant for those who like to go wild once in a while.  On the menu are foods like steak, BBQ ribs, pork chops, and other meats.  Vegetarian options are available as well.  An extra level of enjoyment is added by The Electric Mayhem’s nightly gigs.
  • Mallory Gallery-Unlike the museum from The Great Muppet Caper, this Mallory Gallery is an actual Muppet museum!  There’s a small gift shop, as well.

But wait, there’s more!  Granted, it would be harder to accomplish, but there’s a second part of Muppet City as well!  The Muppet City you just read about is all about the Disney Muppets, but I have ideas for attractions in Muppet City that are based on classic Muppet properties.  Here they are!

  • Sesame Street-Based off of-well, you know-Sesame Street, this version of the street is home to a nightly show called The Sesame Block Party, complete with classic Sesame Street songs and kid-friendly fireworks at the end.  There’s even a karaoke feature so guests can sing along, too!
  • Furry Arms Hotel-Located in Sesame Street, the Furry Arms Hotel has rooms that are sort of like Disney’s Contemporary Resort, only they’re more kid-friendly.  One of the coolest parts is that Grover’s the desk manager!
  • Hooper’s Store-A kid-friendly diner, Hooper’s Store serves such classic treats as club soda and apple pie, as well as healthy salads and milkshakes.  To celebrate all international versions of Sesame Street, Hooper’s also carries international dishes.
  • Doc’s Workshop-Based off of the workshop from Fraggle Rock, Doc’s Workshop is a Fraggle Rock gift shop.  Find the secret door and enter Fraggle Rock!
  • Fraggle Maze-The closest thing to a theme park ride in Muppet City, the Fraggle Maze is a cave-themed maze full of dead ends, Poison Cacklers, and funny riddles!
  • Fraggle Ampitheater-The Fraggle Ampitheater is a rocky theater where the show Fraggle Rock: The Musical is performed twice daily.  Before and after the show, there’s a meet-and-greet with the costumed performers.
  • Tinkerdee Castle-What the Cinderella Castle is to Walt Disney World, Tinkerdee Castle is to Muppet City.  While kids enjoy the whimsical comedy, hardcore Muppet fans can enjoy the classic Muppet references and The Dungeon, a magical tribute to The Storyteller.
  • Club Cyclia-Without a doubt the biggest Jim Henson tribute in all of Muppet City, Club Cyclia is a psychedelic nightclub for adults.  With neon lights and wild film screens, Cyclia is a wild 60’s wonder.
  • Movieshow-Movieshow is a musical and magical tribute to The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, two of the most famous movies of their day.  Beginning with a fantastic Dark Crystal light show, Movieshow continues through a trek through fantasy forests and a slightly creepy monster encounter.  The show then progresses through a basic introduction to how the movie Labyrinth came to be, then shows famous scenes from Labyrinth to the tune of Magic Dance.  Movieshow finishes with the craziest song-and-dance you’ve ever seen, featuring characters from both movies.

So there you have it, folks!  Muppet City, a fantasy theme park with a magical focus!  What are YOUR theme park ideas?


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  1. Kurt Blumenau / Mar 13 2011 11:05 pm

    Many fascinating ideas here … but I’m still chewing on the words “select individuals,” which suggest some sort of limitation on admissions.
    (Most theme parks, after all, are open to anyone who can afford the price of admission.)
    Would a visitor have to pass a Muppet quiz or otherwise prove his or her Muppet mettle to gain entrance?
    Might help keep the riffraff out, I suppose.

  2. Bernice / Aug 3 2013 3:04 pm

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