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March 20, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Roanoke II: The Fifteen Men Part One

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum,” muttered ex-Admiral Bostan atop the Heartless‘s highest mast.  “Drink and the devil had done for the rest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”  Bostan gripped a rope that connected to the lower deck, and slid down, right in front of a pirate named Jeanie.  Bostan slapped his hands on his old coat, and began to talk with Jeanie.  “I assume that our little ‘visit’ to London is still in place?” asked Bostan.  “Yes, sir,” replied Jeanie.  “But there is a slight problem.”


“We’re being pursued, sir.”

“By who?

“Larcatune, sir.”

Bostan was slightly panicked when Jeanie mentioned Larcatune.  Larcatune was once an honest Royal Navy man, much like Bostan.  But when Larcatune chose to lead a new life as an outlaw, he instead chose the life of a merchant.  Granted, he was also something of a pirate, but he mainly carried goods that had already been stolen-unlike that of a normal pirate.  Still, Larcatune and his crew were truly a force to be reckoned with, and no pirate wanted to be pursued by him.  Bostan was just about to change the Heartless‘s course when he noticed something about fifty meters away from the boat.  It was a large dory, about twenty feet long.  It had a single sail, and a small cannon, which didn’t look as if it made the boat’s current state any better.  Three men in British soldier uniforms were manning the boat, or at the very least trying to keep it afloat.  Bostan recognized the Royal Navy insignia on a flag atop the mast.

“Ahoy,” shouted one of the soldiers, who was currently trying to balance the cannon so that it didn’t crash through the deck.  “What brings you here?”  His eyes widened as he noticed the Jolly Roger flag atop the Heartless.  “Hey, wait a second… you’re a pirate!  Get down here right now!” he said.  Bostan just smirked.  “Actually,” he replied.  “Seeing as you are on a leaky dory that’s only one rotten splinter away from drowning all three of you, and you are sandwiched between two powerful pirate ships, perhaps we can come to an agreement?”  The three soldiers aimed three rifles with long, sharp bayonets on the ends at Bostan.  The pirate captain dove into the water, and emerged, jumping onto the dory.  “Well, then,” Bostan said.  “I guess we fight it out.”

Bostan leaped at the three soldiers, clashing his sword against their bayonets.  The three soldiers lunged, but Bostan jumped to one side.  They slammed against the mast, knocking one senseless.  The other staggered into the ocean.  The last soldier attacked Bostan, and the two clashed swords in such a way that both ends were aimed upwards at the small sail.  The British soldier tried to fire, but managed to blast three bullet holes in the sail.  While he was distracted, Bostan signaled the Heartless to aim a cannon.  Bostan backflipped into the water and dove down underneath his ship.  He saw a faint black object fly through the air above him, and noticed that a spray of bubbles started leaking from the dory.  The boat slowly sunk to the bottom of the ocean, which Bostan couldn’t see.

The soldiers, however, were not finished yet.  The one that was knocked senseless was knocked back into sense from the cannon blast, the one that fell into the ocean had just surfaced, and the one that was still on the boat was currently treading water.  Their rifles, however, had already rusted and were very useless.  Just then, a cuttlefish twice the size of a frigate jumped out of the water and swallowed one of the soldiers.  The other two screamed and swam away.  Bostan was mortified.  This creature was one of the Devil’s minions.  The Devil was a leviathan beyond proportions, a monster beyond imagination.  The Devil was the minion of The Fifteen Men, who sailed aboard the Deadman’s Chest, a cursed pirate ship trapped in an actual treasure chest.  Well, this wasn’t good.

When Bostan got onto the ship, he immediately ordered the crew to set course for Ocracroke Inlet.  It was the only place in all of the world where the Devil, or any other minion of the Devil could not go, as the inlet was protected by ancient voodoo magic.  Luckily, it wasn’t far, and it only took two days to get there, during which, for some reason, nothing attacked them.  Finally, they landed ashore in a salt marsh.  Bostan was the first to jump ashore, surveying the area before coming across what looked like a hollow area in a mangrove tree.  Inside he found a bottle full of rum.  “Oh,” Bostan said cheerfully.  “Nice.”  The bottle was encrusted with barnacles and smelled like old seawater, but a pirate is a pirate and rum is rum.  So he drank it.  Suddenly, a ghostly female voice sounded from the sky.  “Drink, and the Devil had done for the rest.”  Suddenly, Bostan realized what he had just done.

The sky went dark, as if sunset had already come and gone, and the moon shined the fullest Bostan had ever seen.  There were no stars.  A large chest, as big as a small dory, washed up at Bostan’s feet, and started to glow green and red.  Then it exploded in a flash of light, promting Bostan to shield his eyes.  When he opened them again, he was nose-to-noise with a pale face that seemed to have partially melted.  Lit, captain of the Deadman’s Chest.  You see, when Bostan had drank the rum, he had accidentally released the crew of the Deadman’s Chest, the cursed pirate ship that was trapped inside the cursed treasure chest.  “Hello, Bostan,” Lit said in a voice that sounded like the ocean itself.  “Why thank you for releasing us, but sadly, you have to die now.”  Lit raised an old, rusted saber that looked surprisingly new.  Bostan raised his own sword, and the two clashed blades.

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