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March 24, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Playing For Keeps Special Announcement!

Today, readers, I have not only the plot details for the first three Playing For Keeps stories, but I also have them for the next two!  Yes, two!  Five stories, people!  Plot for Front Lines:

Sophia Grenfield has an international family and an average reputation.  But all of that is about to change when she gets whisked away by Aboriginal fairies and is pushed into the middle of an inter-mythological war as the peacekeeper.  Hang on, things are about to go crazy!

For the epic second story, Barricaded!

After a demon attack in a Kenya airport, Sophia, Burlida and Jacob are trapped in the Firebreath Garden, where they face off against dragons of all kinds and a sickening betrayal by the most unexpected person-or perhaps, fairy.

Here’s the ORIGINAL end of the series, but since I’m metaphorically exploding with ideas, I’ve extended it!  Here’s… Primordial!

After a big-time betrayal, the trio of Keepers are forced on the run from the Mimi forces, and meet up with a friend of Burlida’s, who turns out to be everything-and nothing.  But with the Mimis closing in, can they harness is limitless power in time to save their lives-and the world’s?

Here’s the fourth story-something I’m very excited about, because it helps us delve into two worlds at once: Sophia’s own family, and the world of mythology.  Ladies and gentlemen… Folkheart!

In the last month and a half, Sophia Grenfield’s been through a lot: plummeting to near-death, facing impossible possibilites, and betrayal beyond imagination.  But as Burlida shows Sophia and Jacob a secret second European Garden, they meet a cast of crazy characters-and the worst possible person at this time-Sophia’s little sister.

The final story in the Playing For Keeps quintology (that a word?)… Mythodeath!

Sophia Grenfield, unsung hero and roughened warrior, has done unimaginable things in the past two months, but nothing can prepare her for the final battle, a fight that will pit friend against friend-and love against love.  But there is far more than the world hanging in the balance.  If Sophia and her friends lose this fight, it’s the end of everything.

So be prepared for the epicest (again, a word?) online story series EVER!


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