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April 2, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Preview Of Playing For Keeps Sequel

I have some exciting news!  After the final Playing For Keeps story, Mythodeath, I shall be writing a sequel series.  I don’t know what I’ll call it, and the plots are a little hazy, but expect this basic storyline:

Two months after the end of the Mythology War, Sophia and Jacob have returned to their normal lives.  But magic has different plans.  While both are in Australia (Sophia’s on vacation, and Jacob is searching for the Bunyip), Burlida calls them back to the Rainbow Garden.  She’s discovered a large wooden chest, but when they open it, all they find are an assortment of old books, fairy tales and stuff like that.  That’s when the explosion happens.

Nobody is hurt, but when the smoke clears, Burlida has gone missing!  In her place is a strange creature who calls himself Mr. Hjckrrh Gryphon.  Not only that, but everything Sophia and Jacob have encountered, from gods to monsters to fairies, vanished.  In its place are creatures and characters from old stories and fables, but there is unrest amongst them.  Famous artifacts have gone missing, and everybody is pointing fingers.  Sophia and Jacob have stopped a war before, but not on this scale!

And to satisfy the inevitable anticipation of this (at least four story) series, I’m going to give you a preview the first story:

Burlida stuck her finger into the padlock, and the chest’s roof flew open, causing us to stumble backwards, and a good thing, too.  A thick cloud of dust exploded from the chest, coating us and everything else in brown grime.  After several minutes of coughing, I took a look at the chest’s contents.  It was stacks and stacks of old, leather-bound books, with cursive writing on the spines.  I picked one up.  The title read: DIY GRAVESTONES-BY GOCYTC.  Another was BOTANY OF OOGABOO AND EV-BY SAYLE SOFORTH.  Nonsense stuff.  Then the chest exploded.

I was thrown back against the wall, and Jacob flew into the air, hitting the ceiling before falling to the ground.  We both groaned and walked over to the chest, which had strangely survived the explosion.  That’s when we both noticed it-Burlida was missing.  I heard a shrill Cockney accent behind me say, “Sophia and Jacob, you okay?”  I slowly turned around, and saw that behind us was what looked like a griffin, only he had pink fur and feathers, and strange ears that stuck up like a cat’s.

“I said, you okay?”

How did this guy know our names?  I sucked it up and replied.

“We’re okay, but who are you, and where’s Burlida?”

“Burlida?  Who’s she?  My name, in case you’ve forgotten, is Mr. Hjckrrh Gryphon, but you just call me Gryphon.  But how could you have forgotten?  I’ve been protecting you two for three years!”


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