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April 6, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Magazine: Issue One

In This Issue Of MAHF Magazine:




First of all, welcome to MAHF Magazine!  In this special in-blog newsletter, you’ll find news and announcements, book and comic reviews, and other things that you might find on this blog.  I might also include educational pieces, or archives of old entries.  Whatever you find, I guarantee that it’ll be original!


The epic mythological five-story series, Playing For Keeps, is nearing the end of it’s first story, but we have at least eight more stories to go before I’m completely done with Sophia and Jacob.  You’ve already heard about the last four stories of Playing For Keeps, and you’ve probably heard that I’m writing a second series involving fables, fairy tales, and other fantasy characters, but do you really know what it’s going to be like?  That’s what this article is for!

The second series, which I have yet to name, will basically involve Sophia and Jacob going their separate ways after the end of the Mythology Wars, but when they run into each other in Australia, Burlida calls them back to the Rainbow Garden.  She’s recently discovered a strange giant treasure chest, and wants them to be there when she opens it.  But the chest is full of old nonsense books.  That’s when the chest explodes.  When the dust clears, the chest has survived, but Burlida is missing!  Not dead, just missing.  In her place is a Mr. Hjckrrh Gryphon, who claims to have been guarding them for three years.  It’s strange, but here’s what’s stranger-Hjckrrh is a pink griffin.

It turns out that when they opened the chest, they sucked all of the mythological deities and creatures from the world, and replaced it with characters and creatures from fairy tales, fables, and other classic fantasy stories.  For example, Hjckrrh is actually the griffin from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.  Now, it turns out that famous artifacts from various stories have mysteriously vanished.  It’s a case of rogue magic, but now everyone’s pointing fingers, and war is imminent.  However, there is a recipe for an artifact summoning potion, that could save the world from another epic war.  The only problem-the ingredients are extremely rare.  Now, Sophia, Jacob, and Hjckrrh have to recover the ingredients to save the world.

But here’s one thing: there’s going to be at least four stories in the second series, so what are the plots?  I have the full plot idea for one, and partial plot for another.  One plot is:

Sophia, Jacob, and Hjckrrh have to find several ingredients (Paintflowers, Mad Tea, and stuff like that) in Hjckrrh’s homeland-Wonderland.  But the hunt is going to be difficult-Mad Tea is only drunk by the Mad Hatter, and Paintflowers are so rare, there is only one in existence-a decoration in the palace of none other than Monarcha Heart herself.

The other basically involves the trio traveling from fairy country to fairy country in order to collect a long list of Ozian ingredients, which forces them to confront the greatest revolutionary in all of Oz, and locate the missing Soforth parents.  I think one should have to do with the classic Grimm tales, but I’m not sure what the fourth one should be about.  At any rate, I can’t wait to write them!  It’ll be a while, though.  I’m almost finished with Playing For Keeps book one, so you might have to wait for this one.


Today, I review two graphic novels.  Here they are:

  • Tron: Betrayal-This high-tech adventure takes place after the events of the classic film Tron, but before the soon-to-be-a-classic film, Tron: Legacy.  Basically, it involves Kevin Flynn’s adventures in the Grid before Clu 2’s betrayal.  It also includes the origin of the ISOs, and some REALLY cool Lightcycle stuff.  If you have absolutely NO idea what I just said, watch either movie.  Or both, if you have a 3D TV.  My rating: four and a half stars.  The novel is totally awesome, but I don’t think we see enough Grid action.  And that’s saying something.
  • Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel-Based off of the first book in the blockbuster Eoin Colfer series, Artemis Fowl, this graphic novel tells the story of how a very smart and very rich boy named Artemis Fowl managed to catch a fairy.  She’s an elf, technically, and a leprechaun, too, but that’s just a job.  I mean, really.  These aren’t your ordinary fairy tale fairies.  These are high-tech, state-of-the-art, centaur-techie fairies.  And they don’t take kindly to humans.  My rating: four stars.  I love it, but it doesn’t stick to the storyline as well as it could to have.  And it could have been longer.  Other than that, it’s great.

That’s all for now!  See ya later!



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