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April 9, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Life On: Venus

In this three-part MAHF miniseries, I investigate the adaptions three different alien species would have to make in order to survive the harsh conditions of three planets: Venus, Mars, and Pluto.  In this episode, we investigate creatures that could live on Venus. 

Now, Venus’s surface is a toxic wasteland, with no hope for plant life.  But the atmosphere of Venus is dense, creating a possible home for life, if there could be any.  Evidence points to the possibility of small life floating in the atmosphere, so creatures there would have to be small, maybe the largest predator being four feet long or so.  Life on Venus also would have to be able to stay in the air for long periods, if not indefinitely, so gliding mechanisms are required for survival.  Additionally, larger creatures are rarer, and since a predator’s greatest weapon is stealth, carnivores would likely be more abundant, so two out of the three creatures I’m showing you are carnivores.


Hoverhunters, being three feet tall, are some of the largest predators floating in the Venus skies.  Like most Venus creatures, they have specialized air filters to help them survive.  They generally feed on microscopic life that floats into their mouth, but don’t hunt often, given that they have no eyes, which are highly advanced, yet not very useful in these dense clouds.  Instead, they use their sense of touch, using their long feelers.  Hoverhunters are mainly solitary hunters, since they have very primitive locomotion systems.


Filterwales, at five feet long, are without a doubt the largest creatures on Venus.  Their large snouts are designed to take in the clouds’ gasses.  Inside the snouts are advanced filters designed to repel sulfuric acid while keeping sulfur dioxide, which is their main source of food.  They also eat the microscopic animals that live in the clouds, which are the most common Venusian creatures.  They are, however, one of the weakest creatures in the skies.  Hoverhunters don’t have the means to kill one, but other creatures do.


Batpackers are some of the most advanced creatures on Venus.  Reaching lengths of about two feet long, they normally hunt in packs.  They have two six-inch-long horns, which are extremely sharp and can easily kill a person.  Their most dangerous weapon, however, is their extreme flying capabilities.  They can use their group strength to overwhelm a Filterwale, and once they do, the dense atmosphere makes it easy for them to snag chunks of meat before the carcass plummets to the toxic wasteland ground.  Unlike most Venusian creatures, they have no air filters, due to the fact that their bodies automatically filter the air as they fly at over fifty miles per hour.

So there you have it!  Three creatures that could live on Venus!


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