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June 18, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Prehistoric Universe Announcement!

Due to draft clogging and other major ideas, Human Nature is on hold, possibly for good.  For now, please enjoy this announcement for this blast to the past, Prehistoric Universe!

Have you ever wondered what happened back over many millions of years ago?  Well, wonder no longer!  Prehistoric Universe revolves around the Time Institute, a top-secret research facility dedicated to the advanced art of time travel.  By day, it’s just a normal natural history museum.  By night, it’s a legion of super-smart heroes trying to stop the rival (and also pretty evil) Sigma Institute, who want to tear apart the time-space continuum, and release an army of prehistoric titans on the planet!  Howard Lee is the curator of the Time “Museum”, and also one of the Institute’s top researchers.  He’s logged over forty hours of time travel in the Mesozoic era alone, and with his team of adventurers, he’s off to keep the Sigma Institute’s leader, Nigel Malum, from destroying time and the human race for good!

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