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July 13, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Muppet City: Version 2.0.!

Okay, I got some good reception on my theme park idea, Muppet City, but personally, I think it needs some real updates, and by that, I mean some real theme park attractions.  So, along with some new themed ideas, I’m giving the place the occasional ride.  Let’s go to the first area of the theme park, Muppetwood:

  • The Streets-One of several ideas that was taken from the original Muppet City idea, only you can get from place to place not only by the Movin’ Right Along Taxi Co., but also the Mayhem Streetcar Service, which is like a cross between the Electric Mayhem Bus and a trolley car, complete with animatronic Electric Mayhem!
  • The Henson Experience-Board your Studebaker ride vehicle and take an animatronic ride through the life of Jim Henson, from his Mississipi childhood to his tragic death, and everything in between!  Your ride experience is completed with commentary from his most famous creation, Kermit the Frog!
  • Hey, A Movie Ride-Climb into your hot air balloon and soar through the streets of London, fly above beautiful bike trails, and get caught in the middle of a climatic good vs bad showdown, in this ride version of The Great Muppet Caper.
  • The Rainbow Connection Aerial Adventure-Board your sky tram and soar over a pristine rainbow while multicolored scenes from The Muppet Movie play on your windows, all ending in a musical, Muppet-filled finale.
  • Animal-Another classic from the first version of Muppet City, Animal is now all-meat, and instead of nightly Electric Mayhem gigs, it features the twice-daily epic animatronics show Muppet Monster Musical, featuring the Muppet monsters like you’ve never seen them before!
  • Kermit’s Swampland Cafe-The polar opposite of Animal, the Swampland Cafe is an all-vegetarian eatery, where every night, an animatronic Kermit stars in Kermit’s Classics, featuring such hits as The Rainbow Connection and Bein’ Green.
  • Muppetopia-A two-story Muppet gift shop that was the star shopping place of the original Muppet City.  The first floor features DVDs, comic books, board games, stuffed animals, and more, while the second floor is home to Muppet fashion, like T-shirts, sneakers, and hats.  Miss Piggy has been known to make appearances on the second floor.

You probably guessed it-Muppetwood is a tribute to the classic Muppet movies, and the classic Muppets in general.  The second land, Cartoonia, focuses more on the child appeal of such classic TV shows as Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street.  Here, you start by wandering down Sesame Street, but if you enter Doc’s Workshop, you’re in for a whole different adventure!

  • Sesame Block Party-Starring both live people and puppets, Sesame Block Party features singing, dancing, comedy, and even karaoke!  The show also includes meet-and-greets, and maybe a few kids can come up on stage and dance with the characters!
  • Hooper’s Store-Another Muppet City classic, Hooper’s Store has become a quick-service diner where you can buy deep-dish pizza, club soda, fresh apple pie, and other classic New York treats!  Here, you might find Ernie sipping a root beer, or Cookie Monster chowing down on his namesake food!
  • Your Very First Adventure-Get into your trash can and ride through classic Sesame Street moments, from the first episode to the feature film Follow That Bird!  A must-do for any young child.
  • Doc’s Workshop-As well as being a nifty Fraggle Rock gift shop, Doc’s Workshop is the entrance to both Doozer Havoc and the Fraggle Rock Express.  Visit Doc, who’s busy at his desk, or Sprocket, who is yapping at that mysterious crack in the wall…
  • Doozer Havoc-You have been invited on a tour of the Doozer Dome, where all Doozers live when they’re not working!  Although some of the more dangerous Fraggle Rock monsters have beens sighted in the area, you’ve been given Doozer Laser 3000s to defend yourself with.  That’s when things get really out of control!  Now, you’re spinning willy-nilly through the streets of the Doozer Dome, blasting monsters to score points and rise through the ranks to become Doozer Legend!
  • Fraggle Rock Express-You’re the first tourists ever to ride the new Fraggle Rock Tour Train.  Unfortunately, your mine train flies off course, and now you’re speeding through the caverns of the Rock, all leading up to a confrontation with those giants themselves-the Gorgs!

Now that we’ve cleared Cartoonia, let’s go to the final area of Muppet City-Imaginatio!  Based off of the Storyteller TV series, as well as the Jim Henson Creature Shop’s two fantasy films, Imaginatio is designed to look like a normal city street, only with elegant, graceful touches, like balconies framed by purple velvet curtains, Roman archways, and light green ivy reaching up walls.

  • Through The Books-The Storyteller is back, and he’s invited YOU to step into his world.  Board your royal carriage and go through the stories of Hans The Hedgehog, Fearnot, and The Luck Child, all the while learning about how stories were passed down from generation to generation.  After a menacing encounter with a giant griffin, enter a dark world where shards of glass that seem to be floating in the air display scenes from Muppet retellings of fables and fairy tales.
  • Journey Into Thra-Climb onto your Landstrider car and go on a voyage through the film The Dark Crystal, featuring the fearless Gelflings Jen and Kira.  The trip heats up when you get caught up in a Skeksis plot to destroy the heroes and rule the planet Thra as their own.  Now, you have to warn Jen and Kira and stop the Skeksis before they carry out their evil scheme.
  • Behold The Labyrinth-Join Sarah, Hoggle, and the other heroes of Labyrinth as they try to get baby Toby back from the villanous clutches of Jareth, the Goblin King.  Ride through walls, journey across unsteady bridges, and face down a giant robot to save Toby and rid the Labyrinth of evil.
  • Movieshow-Unlike the original incarnation of the Muppet City musical, this Movieshow follows a different plot.  Hoggle tries to assemble the goblins in order to create a musical that will please Jareth, but we all know that the creatures of the Labyrinth are troublemakers by heart.  What’s worse, the folks from Thra have accidentally arrived in the middle of the stage.  Can everybody’s favorite dwarf hold this thing together, or will he need a little help from outside the Goblin City?
  • Shattered Crystal-Dare you face the might of the evil Skeksis and save Thra?  Well, find out on this thrilling steel coaster, where it’s either save the world-or be shattered.

So there you have it, folks!  Muppet City, Version 2.0.!

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