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September 27, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Magazine: Issue Three




First up, it seems that the Hensonian Magic series was a big hit.  But in the final part, I gave you a paragraph that announced a second series, Darkhands Rising, where our hero, whose name is now known to be Sam, goes back to the Muppet universe to fight the villains.  I mean, just because Ultragorgon’s dead, doesn’t mean that all the evil Muppets are!  There are many reasons why I want to do a followup series.  First of all, writing that five-part epic was just plain fun!  Additionally, I don’t think that I introduced enough major characters, so I’ll try to do that.  And of course, there’s so much of the Muppet universe that I haven’t even touched!  Since Darkhands Rising won’t be within a five-part boundary this time, I’m going to take you everywhere I can think of.  I plan to set episodes in the 1930s canine metropolis Dog City, the enchanted world of Thra, and a remote colony on the planet Koozebane.  And that’s just the start of the fun!  Right now, I’m working on the first episode, Mobster Menace.

The premise is, it’s been a little while since the Great Darkhand War, and life has pretty much calmed down for Sam.  But then, he’s whisked back to Muppet City, where Mildred Huxtetter is waiting to take him on an adventure to a place that’s so unlike anywhere Sam has ever been.  The weird part?  It’s almost normal.  The only difference is, life there is like a Dogs Playing Poker painting-literally.  So when the recent Darkhand activity there turns out to be the work of a mobster bulldog and his gang, there’s only one thing to do-call in the Muppet dogs!

Meanwhile, on the other end of the time-space continuum, Howard Lee is awaiting his next adventure.  And boy, do I have something!  The second episode of Prehistoric Universe, Venom Killer, is currently in the three-fourths finished stage.  I can’t tell you much right now, but it involves hunting a venomous dinosaur (duh!) in the heart of Cretaceous China, and will introduce the main villain of Prehistoric Universe-the sinister head of the Sigma Institute, Nigel Malum!  But what else might be in store for the heroes of the Time Institute?  I plan for most episodes to take place in the vicinity of a major fossil formation.  For example, Venom Killer will take place in the Yixian Formation (or as it is known amongst the Time Institute rookies, the Aviary).  I’m also thinking about a couple of major two-part episodes taking place in the Morrison Formation and the area surrounding the Chicxulub crater.  But, as always, I can’t tell you much right now!

Speaking of dinosaurs, last night, Fox premiered its new show, Terra Nova, and I wanted to give it a quick review.  The premise is, it’s the year 2149, and Earth is on the verge of collapsing due to pollution, greed, and war.  But there is a solution-Terra Nova.  You see, a few years back, future scientists discovered a fracture in time and space, so that they could go back 85 million years and establish a colony, thus saving humanity!  But, there’s a catch-a few catches, actually.  Firstly, there’s the fact that you’re surrounded by hungry dinosaurs, like the Carnotaurus and deadly (albeit made-up) Acceraptors that appear in the episode.  Then, there’s the Sixers.  The Sixers are rebel colonists, from the Sixth Pilgrimage (each Pilgrimage carries new colonists).  They’re opposed to the rule of the colony’s leader, Commander Taylor, and are willing to do whatever it takes to usurp him.

The series follows the Shannons, a family with a complicated past.  The father, Jim, was a cop in dystopia Chicago, until he was arrested for having a third kid (overpopulation is another problem plaguing 2149).  His two kids, Maddy and Josh, were taken care of by their surgeon mother, Elizabeth.  When Elizabeth gets recruited, Jim and the third kid, Zoe, sneak along, just barely making it.  The first episode chronicles their arrival, and not three days into their new life, Josh gets in trouble when he tags along with a group of fun-loving teens, who go outside the colony gates and get caught without power cells, just when a pack of Acceraptors are lurking in the area!  So, Jim, Elizabeth, Commander Taylor, and an assorted bunch of security men and doctors go on a rescue mission.  Also, there’s a couple of minor subplots, where the Sixers (led by their commander, Mira) threaten the colony, after Jim and Taylor save a couple of their vehicles from being decimated by a Carnotaurus.  Now there’s some gratitude, right?  Overall, I give Terra Nova a four out of five, for total CGI awesomeness!

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