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October 29, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Magazine: Issue 5




Here’s something that you might find interesting: I am currently writing a second blog.  This site, called Confronting Creation, talks about the creationism/evolution debate in a lighthearted, yet still somewhat professional manner.  It may not be for everyone, since I take the side of evolution, but you still might find it interesting.  Some of what I have posted in the past on CC includes reviews of creationist radio dramas, Chick tract dissections (Thanks for the inspiration, Jabberwock!), and several talks on transitional fossils.  Granted, the site is just beginning, but I’m sure that there will be interesting things to follow.

I hope that you’ve noticed the second episode of Prehistoric Universe, because if you haven’t, I’m not doing my job correctly.  And if you did, congrats!  I hope you enjoyed it!  But in the conversation at the end, Martha talks about how the Time Institute will have a visitor from another DOMA (Department of Miscellaneous Affairs, a made-up section of the US government that I created to accommodate the Time Institute and other conspiracy theory-inspired thingamajigs) project.  This one, called Project Dreadnought, studies… well, I’m not going to give you specifics at the time, but I’ll say that PD studies advanced evolution in a certain Siberian area.  The plot for the next episode, appropriately named Dreadnought, involves the stern blonde leader of the project to visit the Time Institute as part of a weird government exchange program-type thing.  Anyway, she winds up trapped in either the Triassic or the Ordovician (I can’t decide!), and guess who has to rescue her?  You guessed it: Howard.

Next up, we have both some production ideas and some descriptions from Abandoned.  First, the production ideas.  I figured that my radio contact idea didn’t exactly fit with The Tribe‘s timeline, so that’s out.  However, I’ve been working on some antagonists for future episodes, and so far, I have two brutally evil tribes.  First, the Sea Kings.  The Sea Kings are an oceangoing tribe that aren’t actually native to NYC, so they bring tales of what the rest of the Virus-affected world is like.  But in tow, they bring a little kid.  Who is that kid?  Well, you’ll have to see to find out!

Second in the peanut gallery are the Timekeepers, who have a steampunk vibe about them.  Led by their hypochondriac ruler Tock, they plan to bring the entire city to a standstill-by destroying it!  Oh, yeah, these guys are true villains.  Okay, so the villain section of this article is finished.  Now, what was next?  Oh, the descriptions!  Yeah, so, I’ve been thinking-what if I gave you guys complete and thorough descriptions of all the Abandoned characters I have so far?  That way, I just might get some fan art!  Because that would be very awesome.  

  • Abel-Chestnut hair, glittering hazel eyes, and lightly tanned skin.  I wouldn’t call him buff,  but he’s lean and can definitely handle himself in a fight.  He doesn’t wear that much makeup (though some people in the Tribeworld wear a LOT of it), just some green stripes around his forehead.
  • Leil-Platinum blonde, light turquoise eyes, and oddly pretty pale skin.  She has a lithe, gymnast-like body, and is adept in hand-to-hand combat.  She also doesn’t wear too much makeup, save a few dark spiderweb patterns around her ears and temples.
  • Sham-He’s tall, which gives him an imposing, leader-like aura.  Sham has spiky, jet-black hair dyed with yellow and red streaks.  He tends to not wear makeup, though he sometimes has brown stripes running down his cheeks.
  • Krios-Intimidating, villainous, and all around bad, Krios is muscular, tall, and sandy blonde.  He normally wears heavy blocks of blue and white makeup on his nose, chin, and cheeks.
  • Martina-Well, actually, I’m not telling you what she looks like.  But-spoiler alert!-she’s a terrifying hodgepodge of all the best Tribe villains.
And there you have it.  Feel free to submit fan art, because that would make for some neat posts!

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