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November 17, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Magazine: Issue 7




When it comes to still-alive Muppeteers, Frank Oz is numero uno in the must-sees.  Which is why I was totally psyched when my own mother joined the Museum of the Moving Image so we could see him live, doing one of the few recent interviews he’s ever done!  So, back in October, me, Eli, and the maternal unit drove down to Queens (which is in New York, in case you didn’t know), all the way to the museum.  Our entertainment while waiting for the place to open was walking up and down the block, having a light snack at Starbucks, and of course admiring the studio that makes Sesame Street!  Gotta love NYC, right?

Anyway, when the place finally opened, Mom signed us in as members, while I got a good look at the Muppet version of Mayor Bloomberg.  Then, it was to the Muppet exhibit that was showing!  Oh, the memories!  Kermit!  Miss Piggy (in wedding dress designed by Calista Hendrickson)!  Gobo, Cantus, and various other ’80s production props!  And-finally-Frank Oz!  We walked into the theater, gazed for about ten minutes at the curtain, but finally got to applaud our pants off when Frank walked onstage.  The next couple of hours were some of the best of my life, as Frank talked for ages about stuff even I didn’t know about, such as the dramatic near-disaster during a live sketch, that involved a fire extinguisher and a curse word or two (yup, there was a little swearing).  All in all, I look back on that moment and think that I learned more today than I could by reading my copy of Jim Henson: The Works.  Plus, I got to meet Ryan and Joe, the Toughpigs guys, and that was totally sweet, too!

I’m aiming for a twenty or twenty-five episode run of Abandoned, so I’m going to need more storylines than just invasive tribes.  That’s why I’m tossing around a few ideas for subplots in my head, one of which plays on what was done pretty often in The Tribe-tribe switching.  You see, to keep everybody guessing about a character’s ulterior motives, the show sometimes had main characters switch or betray tribes.  For instance, one of the first generation Mall Rats, Trudy, joins The Chosen for a little while.  Or another founding Mall Rat, Amber, becoming the leader of an eco-friendly tribe, appropriately called the Ecos.  So, here’s the cool subplot idea, which will take place during the Timekeepers’ rule.

One of my favorite couples in The Tribe is Jallie, the pairing of Jack and Ellie.  Jack is a super-smart computer whiz who laid the original claim to the place the Mall Rats call home, and Ellie is a farm-raised girl who has a talent for journalism.  Eventually, the two become, well, GF and BF.  But during their relationship, they encountered a few bumps.  One of those bumps being that Jack has been kidnapped by both The Chosen and the Technos.  So, the idea is this: Abel is, for a reason I’m still working out, deported to the Wild Zone.  What is the Wild Zone, you may be asking?  Only the most dangerous place in NYC, that’s what.  Surrounding the Central Park Zoo, the Wild Zone is home to all the free zoo animals, who are fighting for survival, much like the tribes themselves.  Anyway, since I will undoubtedly have bolstered Abel and Leil’s relationship, our favorite ex-Cyberpunk can’t stand life without her more-than-friend.  So, she goes into the Wild Zone to rescue him, only to find that he’s become an Arrow-one of the elite deportees that have joined together.  What ensues is a wildly evil plot by the Timekeepers that just might succeed-yeah, right!

Another idea I have would probably only work if I wrap up the Mole story arc within the next month or so, because it’s winter-themed.  I know, I know, cliche, but hey, blizzards are a big problem in the Tribeworld!  And of course, that’s not counting new Player Aurora, who seems to be hiding something.  What?  You’ll have to see to find out!

And, just to wrap up this issue, here are some of the virtual fantasies you might encounter in Sporeality!  You see, in Sporeality, there are a web of interconnected worlds called the Mazion.  Each world is totally unique from one another, but branching off of each world are untold millions of slightly different worlds, with differences ranging from a building being higher, to an entire species being eliminated.  Some of the worlds I’m thinking about including are:

  • A Western-themed planet, complete with gunslingers and alien horses.
  • A citywide planet, much like Coruscant, riddled with crime.
  • A nearly dead planet, whose inhabitants survive in giant towers, buying oxygen from hostile raiders that can somehow create it.
  • A battlefield that spans the entire planet, with no apparent winner.
  • A Tron-like world called Lumina.
  • And finally, the Realm of Spode, a massive world that is rumored to be the home of Spode, which is the Spore version of God.

Hope you enjoy!


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