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November 19, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Abandoned: Railway Part One

The trio of Moles crept outside the doors, keeping a careful eye on the guards.  Then, without warning, they struck.  The guards didn’t even have time to shout before they were unconscious.  Stun, not kill.  That had been Martina’s orders.  She wanted hostages, so hostages she would get.  They walked through the doors, but a quick EMP shot and the motion detectors were down.  Everybody was asleep.  So, the guards wandered around, to Population Block L.  They approached a little shack, basically just blankets thrown across an aisle.  Pathetic.  The guards pulled out some burlap sacks, damp with chloroform.  They lunged into the shack, took the resident pair by surprise, and knocked them out with the chemical.  Nobody would ever know, until they woke up.  But by then, the Moles would be long gone.  Abel and Leil were now prisoners of the enemy.

Abel woke up with a start.  What happened?  That’s when he noticed the fact that he was in a subway train, surrounded by half a dozen other kids his age.  Standing guard at either end of the car was a Mole.  Wait… Moles.  He rolled over.  Lying next to him was Leil.  She had a smile on her face, which was quickly stopped when the train hit a bump.  She woke up with a start, and sat up.  “Abel,” she said nervously.  “Where the heck are we?”  One of the Mole guards stomped over to them, and picked Leil up by the collar effortlessly.  “Listen, newbie,” he said, grunting.  “I’m not cutting you any slack, so here’s the thing-no talking amongst the prisoners!”

Abel’s eyes widened about an inch.  “Prisoners?  What are you talking about?”

“Welcome to Prison Train Alpha B-9.  You’ll be with us for a long, long time.  So get used to it!”

Both Leil and Abel were seriously freaked out by now.  “Explain,” he asked hesitantly.

“Fine.  Us Moles have rebuilt the subway lines.  Right now, we’re using them as troop transports, residential units, and prisons.  You’re currently riding the prison type.  The type that never stops.”  Abel tried to look dejected, then socked the guard in the chin.  He staggered back, but quickly returned.  Meanwhile, the other Mole on the train tackled Leil, obviously to weaken Abel’s resolve.  It worked.  Abel leaped for Guard #2, and was rewarded with being handcuffed.  Before he knew it, Abel and Leil had been tossed into another car, their cuffs snipped off.  There were no guards, and no other people.  This, it seemed, was solitary confinement.  Abel noticed a few stacks of canned food and water bottles-enough food to last them a few weeks, maybe.  But just the thought of this made Leil shriek.

“Who are you people?!  What do you want with us?!”

To answer her question, the intercom crackled to life.  A voice spread throughout the car, a high-pitched tone laced with deceit.

“Ah, but we are anyone we wish to be.  Thieves, geniuses… kings.”

It didn’t take a detective to figure out who was talking.  It was Martina, leader of the Moles.  Her very voice chilled Abel’s bones.  Leil wasn’t finished, however.

“Kings?  Are you really that arrogant?  Do you really think you’re going to win this war?”

“Ah, my pretties, but we practically have already.  We have taken out several tribes entirely-the Bullfrogs, the Hijackers.  And this is only the beginning.  Soon, the entire city will be in our grasp!  But you won’t be around to see it now, will you?  Pity.”

Leil screamed again and charged the subway doors.  Abel held her back before she hurt her shoulder, but he knew what she was feeling.  Martina’s bizarre calmness about exterminating hundreds, even thousands, of helpless kids… it was disturbing, but most of all, irritating.  Tantalizing, even.  Abel pulled Leil over to the corner of the car.  “Listen,” he said.  “We’re going to get out of here.  But you’ve got to remain calm.”  Abel knew that Leil had serious claustrophobia, and couldn’t stand being in a small space with limited supplies.  Abel’s place at the Toys ‘R Us was different-they were safe there, and had food.  This prison train had only so much food and water, and was always being watched by the pair’s number one enemy-Martina.  Even Abel, who tried his best to keep a cool head, could barely stand it.

Abel and Leil quickly rationed out the food.  A few days passed, days spent crouched in the corner of their car, occasionally eating a spoonful of canned food or sipping some water.  On what must have been the fifth day of their imprisonment, Abel got an idea.  He grabbed Leil’s shoulder and pulled her underneath a seat.  “I have an idea,” he said in a barely discernible whisper.  He told Leil his plan, and she nodded.  Two days later, the prison train stopped at a station-49th Street, not too far from the Players’ own territory.  Abel looked and Leil.  The two made OK signs at each other, and sprung.  Leil took the credit-card sized piece of tin that the two had made from the food cans, and slid it between two of the car’s doors.  With a little effort, it was open.  In the exact same instant, Abel tossed an open bottle of water like a grenade at the security camera installed.  The camera shorted out.  Then, the duo burst into the station… and into a group of guards.

Instantly, the half dozen or so Mole soldiers attacked Abel and Leil, carrying bo staffs with padded boxing gloves on the ends.  Leil flung a pair of empty water bottles filled with creamed corn at them.  The food splattered in their faces, temporarily blinding them.  It was just enough time for the couple to bound up the stairs and onto the street.  Blocking off each end of the road was a primitive trebuchet, obviously Mole defenses.  But the two weren’t looking at the weaponry, nor listening to the shouts of anger and frustration that echoed up from the subway station.  They looked at each other, and kissed.  Just then, a sickly sweet voice came from directly behind them.

“Awww, look at the lovers!  How cute!  Congratulations on the escape, by the way.  I’m impressed.  Of course, I’ll be even more impressed if you can get out of this one.”

The couple broke up, swiveling around to face the teenager behind them.  But they didn’t even have to look-it was Martina.


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