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November 24, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Magazine: Issue 8





This is a very odd, slightly existential question-how are the evil tribes in Abandoned, well, evil?  Sure, the Moles, Sea Kings, Timekeepers, and a tentative new tribe that I’ll get to in a second are all conniving villains, but they’re evil in different ways.  Here’s the principle:

In the Michael Buckley book N.E.R.D.S., he says that there are several different types of evil.  I fully agree-no two supervillains have the exact same motives.  For example, our current “ruling” tribe, the Moles, represent a villain’s plan to, quite simply, take over the world.  Martina wants nothing more than to be the next Hitler, Mussolini, etc.  And she’s willing to do anything to get it.  That’s your basic bad guy.  Guys like Lex Luthor, Auric Goldfinger, and any other villainous scoundrel you see in comics and films work on the same principle.  Meanwhile, I have two other tribes to get to, so: spoiler alert!

The Sea Kings, an oceangoing tribe of mysterious origins, represents the time-honored strategy of pillaging.  They want nothing more than to drain NYC of its resources and move on to their next target.  This idea was practiced by none other than your favorite horrible, nasty guys, the Vikings!  Or pirates.  Them too.  The Timekeepers, a really neat steampunk-themed tribe with crazy, destructive ambitions, represent widespread destruction.  Their motives are pretty obvious-they want to rid the world of humanity to let a new race take its place.  Destruction is normally the #2 villain plot, right up their with taking over the world.

In our second article, we get to meet some new characters (and a new tribe) that will probably create some cool B plots, with the classic love triangles, betrayals, and whatnot, all of which were used constantly in The Tribe.  Plus a fun idea for a prequel episode or two.  Enjoy!

  • The Coalition of Remakers.  These guys are probably going to be our fourth major villain.  Hailing from Queens, the Coalition of Remakers (or as I call them, the Remakers) are probably the most logical of the “Big Four” tribes.  They understand that the future is the kids’ to create and shape.  The only problem is that their new world doesn’t include anybody but them.  So, it’s our intrepid tribe’s job to kick them out!
  • Gil.  This guy, a young Sea King, is identified by his titular gill-themed makeup on his neck.  That, and the fact that he catches Leil’s eye.  What can we expect from him?  Probably a lot of trouble, and a lot of jealousy from-you guessed it-Abel.
  • Kismet and Tisket.  A pair of Timekeeper twins (Kismet is a boy, Tisket is a girl) that wind up as prisoners of the Players.  As you can imagine, they cause nearly as much grief as Zalla did (Don’t tell me you forgot her?).  But that’s not nearly as startling as the shocking reveal-Sham has feelings for Tisket!  And vice versa!
  • Gasoline.  This fun prequel episode is a pet project that might not happen, but if it does, you’ll be in for a treat!  The plot takes place a week or two before the series premiere, Breakout, and gives you a behind-the-scenes-look at the underlying tribal society of NYC.  Here’s the premise: Abel and Leil are sent on a routine trip to the market (yeah, they have them in the Tribeworld) for some-you guessed it again-gasoline.  That may not sound like much, but what about when you toss in an attack by the Cyberpunks, and two absolutely adorable siblings named Wells and Maya?

Very recently, I had the extreme honor of going to the Museum of the Moving Image again for a preview screening of none other than The Muppets, the new Muppet movie which is now in theaters!  Yaaay!  Anyway, here’s my review: it’s really, really good.  With lighthearted and easily accessible humor, and plenty of throwbacks to the original The Muppet Show and previous movies, it’s undeniable that The Muppets is a winner.  That’s not even mentioning the starring roles of Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and the new Muppet Walter, who is played by Sheldon of Big Bang Theory.  Ah, the many similarities between physicists and sock puppets.  And, as a super-special bonus, I got to sit in the seat directly in front of Jane and Heather Henson.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  As I said before: yaaay!

And, finally, a brief rundown of all of the current The Tribe references found in Abandoned!

  • The Cyberpunks patrol on a police car, just like the Locos, Krios playing the role of Zoot.
  • When you switch the letters in Ellie (a character from the original series) around, with a minor alteration, you get-you guessed it yet again-Leil.
  • Martina is a combination of several Tribe villains.  Also, her name was the original suggestion for the name of a baby born in the third episode.
  • Both series revolve around one major tribe-in The Tribe it’s the Mall Rats, in Abandoned it’s the Players.

That’s pretty much it.  Although I plan to solidify the ties between the two series eventually, until then, keep looking!

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