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November 27, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

It’s Your Pick!

Okay, as cool as writing Prehistoric Universe is, it can’t last forever.  So when it ends, I need to do a new series.  I have two concepts, and I’d like to hear your input on them:

  • Core-X.  This series takes place in the far-off future (in the year 3000, or so), where the world has made remarkable advances in technology, particularly that of the eco-friendly type.  But when villains strike (as will inevitably happen in this super-sci fi world), it’s up to Alan Krillon, head of the Core-X police force, to stop them.  Cheesy?  You bet, but hey, there are even more possibilities than writing about time travel!
  • Vastly Unknown.  This series is actually a follow-up to the series finale of Prehistoric Universe, and follows Howard Lee as he is transferred from the Time Institute to Delta Operations, an Antarctica-based cryptozoology society.  Together with a team both familiar and new, he must hunt down new species and keep them from causing chaos.

Take your pick-futuristic police or cryptid-hunting characters?

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