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December 22, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

MAHF Magazine: Issue 10






First of all, happy tenth issue of MAHF Magazine!  It’s been a ton of fun reporting the latest news/personal happenings/ideas with you guys.  And with that, let’s go to our first-ever opinionated article about FOX News.

Recently, FOX News released a news clip about the new (and very awesome) film The Muppets.  Apparently, just because it portrays an oil exec as the main villain, it’s anti-corporate.  Wow.  I mean, wow.  How unspeakably, idiotically, unfathomably dumb is that?  The fact that he’s looking for oil isn’t nearly as important as it is that he wants to tear down the Muppet Theater!  Okay, for oil, but the oil is not the centerpiece!  Besides, haven’t there been evil execs before?  I mean, there’s Doc Hopper from The Muppet Movie, J.P. Grosse from the original show, and maybe even that newspaper guy from The Great Muppet Caper!  So, here’s my point: is a villainous rich guy really that anti-corporate, or does it just make the most sense for a plot to destroy the Muppet Theater?  When you think about it, it’s pretty dumb, right?

Okay, to finish off our Museum of the Moving Image Muppet trifecta, we went to Queens yet again to see none other than the master’s son himself, Brian Henson!  Basically, he did a really funny and very informative lecture on the history of Henson puppetry and how far it’s come.  Naturally, we began with some simple hand puppetry, and the various methods used.  To do this, he got a monitor, a camera that displayed what it saw on the monitor, and a neat armadillo puppet from the highly adult improv show Stuffed and Unstrung.  The monitor’s view was displayed up on the screen behind him, and we got a fun, behind-the-scenes look at things like movement, specifically the contrast between the Crazy Kermit and the Walkin’ Goelz, and of course, the weird and unrealistic early method that looks like you’re skating.

Along with that, we got to see a bunch of clips, which strayed far beyond the realm of The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock, and more into the realm of modern Henson animatronics and digital puppetry.  For example, Brian told us all about the dwarf from Labyrinth, Hoggle.  There’s an interesting story behind his grumbling mannerisms, in fact.  You see, Hoggle is a highly complex mechanism that’s like a cross between Big Bird and an Xbox.  An actress wore a Hoggle suit, while a bunch of other people controlled the various facial movements, including a younger Brian!  So why does Hoggle always mumble?  Well, the actress in the suit didn’t have a monitor, so the only way she could see was when the mouth was open.  In other words, if Hoggle didn’t mutter to himself all the time, we would have a very clumsy dwarf on our hands.  After that, Brian strayed into the popular sci-fi series Farscape, and showed a couple of animatronic successes from that show.  Eventually, we got to the PBS series Sid the Science Kid, and just how intensely complicated digital puppetry like that is.  Plus, there was a Men in Black gag, so we got a few laughs.  All in all, that evening was one of the best of my life.  Oh, and Eli got to ask Brian just how you make Kermit look miffed.  It isn’t all that hard, actually.

Finally, time for more a mixed bag of assorted Abandoned items, ideas, and whatnot!  So, here are a few interluding episode ideas.  BTW, interluding episodes are basically just episodes that are their own adventure, not tying into any multi-episode storyline.  And they’re just ideas, so don’t get your hopes up.  Roll the list!

  • Bounty.  This is a pretty Leil-centric episode.  Basically, she’s hired by a guy named Adrian (who has the weirdest makeup job this side of New Zealand) to hunt down and capture Mana, a sly girl with ninja-like skills and a bad reputation.  The only problem?  Leil hasn’t exactly had much experience in the way of being a bounty hunter ever since she got booted out of the Cyberpunks.  To complicate things, an assassin named Erik  is also after Mana, putting all three in a very strange situation.
  • Gala.  Sham may be the most diplomacy-obsessed guy in NYC, but even he has some trouble being in two places at once.  Hence, he sends Abel and Leil to the territory of the resourceful Historians, who live in the American Museum of Natural History.  Of course, everything crashes down around them when the local tribe locks the place down due to some nomadic invaders.  Will Abel and Leil make it out alive, and if so, will they kiss?
  • Sensibilities.  Another Leil episode, but this time, it’s a prequel, too!  It chronicles some of Leil’s many adventures in the Cyberpunks, and gives you a firsthand look at the moment it all fell apart.
  • Agency.  The unthinkable has happened-Leil has been contacted by the Cyberpunks.  It turns out that they need her and Abel to take back what’s rightfully theirs-a nightclub/casino taken from them by a rival tribe called the Greys.  But to get it back and keep the Players alive, Leil has to 1) get drunk, 2) cause a riot, and 3) get out with her head between her shoulders.
  • Rebellion.  When the Players are visited by Leo, a member of a tribe they aren’t too friendly with, they get caught up in a vast conspiracy to murder Krios and retake NYC.

Believe it or not, I, an eleven year old boy, have a Twitter account.  My official name is MandHF.  Basically, by following me, you can get updates on when new stories are up on both MAHF and Confronting Creation, as well as funny tidbits from my life.  So, in other words-follow me!

In case you haven’t been reading Abandoned much, we’re only one episode away from the season finale!  So the question remains: what happens next?  Well, Martina and her Moles are followed by the Sea Kings and their leader, who I have finally figured out a name for-Orson!  Along with that, we’ll get the Gil B-plot, which will definitely harken back to one of The Tribe‘s main concepts-complex relationships.  Of course, we won’t jump into another main villain just yet.  I’m thinking of writing the prequel episode Gasoline next, or maybe the other prequel, Sensibilities.  Either way, expect plenty of fun!

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