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December 31, 2011 / milesandhisfavorites

Season Finale Follow-up!

Well, here we are, at the end of Abandoned’s first season.  Six episodes, a bunch of characters, and two (Two!) major villains.  Now, in the season finale, I have introduced more characters, and have killed one of the major villains.  So, what lies ahead for Abel, Leil, and the Players?  Well, if the spirit of the tribe is with me, lots of cool new adventures!  Let’s do a rundown of each season, and see the fun stuff for each!

  1. Season one.  Unless the past couple of months have all been a dream, we just finished this one!  We are introduced to most of the major characters, we learn to loathe (and love, if you’re sadistic) the Moles, and, for the first time ever on this blog, actual romance!
  2. Season two.  In the upcoming season, the Sea Kings invade, to kidnap and ravage and not give a hoot (drink up, me hearties, yo ho).  We’re also going to see a romance-based B plot starring a Sea King named Gil, Abel, and Leil.  Plus, I plan to solidify the ties between Abandoned and The Tribe, though it probably won’t be as originally planned.
  3. Season three.  This time, the clockwork-obsessed Timekeepers attack, bringing with them a pair of twins (Kismet and Tisket) that turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth, a hypochondriac dude named Tock, and a lot of steampunk apparel.
  4. Season four.  The Coalition of Remakers, a tribe dedicated to remaking the world in their image, swoop in and set off quite a few firecrackers.  While these guys are actually sort of reasonable, that doesn’t keep them from being a threat.
  5. Season five.  The final season.  Most of my plans for this one are under wraps, and for a good reason-not that I’m telling you, of course!  But what I will tell you is that an all-powerful tribe called the Judges invade, and we go beyond the sprawling cityscape of NYC to uncover the truth about the Virus.

This season got a ton of good input (at least from one of my friends, who has read every episode), and I hope for next season to be any better.  If I could make a bunch of Abandoned music videos, trailers, etc, I totally would, but that’s kind of beyond my capacity (Cut me some slack, I’m eleven!).  So take my word for it: season two will be the best yet.  Of course, that’s not much, but just wait!

P.S. Did any of you guys spot the two hidden references to the first two episodes in the finale?  If so, comment!

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